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Encyclopedia of Me – B and Goals

B: Books The second letter of my encyclopedia brings another of my passions. Books and reading have been a love for as long as I can remember. The reason that I put this under Books, rather than under Reading, is because the books themselves hold such a draw for me. I’ve never like checking books [Read More]

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Sugar Cookie and Lemon Pie

I was so happy to see my mail yesterday! I received my Fabric of the Month from Silkweaver. The colors this month are gorgeous…Sugar Cookie and Robin’s Egg Blue. I think Robin’s Egg Blue is possibly my favorite color blue. I love it paired with chocolate brown. I also received my fabric from Stitches and [Read More]

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Just Nan RR Round 3

As I mentioned yesterday, I was able to finish up my part on Jenny’s RR. Jenny is making her piece into a foldable book. I opted to stitch the pin cushion and stitched Just Nan’s Beaded Rose (thanks, Sue!). Since this is going to be a pincushion, I left off the beads and used Kreinik instead to [Read More]

The 20Villa 20121606

The Villa

The Villa is finished! I finished it up on Saturday afternoon, and got started on the border. Here’s the whole thing before I started on the border. I am pleased to be making some progress on this. Thank you everyone for your compliments on my beaded handbag. The beading itself wasn’t hard, just took a [Read More]

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Sorry everyone that my posts have been so sporadic of late. This week has been really tiring. I finished up my class module and now have three weeks off, which I can sure use. I have been continuing with my weights in my workouts. I am also officially on vacation for a week (I go [Read More]

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Don’t Miss That Party Train

Thank you all so much for your compliments on my quilt blocks. I appreciate it so much! You’re not gonna believe the colors they’ve picked for the next one, though! I hope all my U.S. friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I think I may have had one of the most relaxing holidays I’ve ever had. Eric [Read More]