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Weeble Wobble No More

Do you remember Weebles? You know, Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down… well, until I put pants and a shoe on him, this guy was mightily resembling a Weeble. He’s coming along, but I don’t think I am going to meet the goal I had set for myself this weekend, which was to finish [Read More]

FOTM 20090806


I have only been stitching on my Crazy Cat Lady exchange piece this week, so I have nothing to show you in the way of stitching. I thought I would stitch some more on Mystery 9 this weekend though, since I will have larger blocks of time to devote to it. But first, I must [Read More]

wool sheep with a cross-stitched blanket over him that has a blue bird and a sunflower on it. Sunflowers peek out from behind the sheep


I have finally done the finishing on my August Woolly Tyme piece. As you may remember, these are monthly blankets for my sheep. I finished stitching this one a while back, even though I had to wait on some green thread for it. I finally cleared off a space on my craft table and did [Read More]