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Quilt Retreat

Back at the beginning of summer (why do all my blog posts start with “way back six months ago”?!?), I was invited on a weekend quilting retreat in Van Alstyne, TX.  I’ve never been on a quilting retreat before, so I was super excited.  So excited, in fact, that I brought five different projects with […]

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Meet Claus

Claus was supposed to be minding the blog while I was otherwise occupied. Claus is a bit of a slacker. Claus also spent a good amount of time eating these…. Bad Claus. We will have to discuss. So, while Claus was busy eating bon bons, I was in Nashville at Market. I had a wonderful

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Thanks so much for the well-wishes for my interview last week. It went well and I was called back for a second interview, which was yesterday. I’m still waiting to hear on that. Thursday night Eric retaught me Algebra, and Friday morning I had my test. I had to take a practice test first to

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Computer Woes

Well, my computer is dying a slow and painful death. It started acting up last week, and Eric replaced my card reader, which seemed (at the time) to be the problem. It worked fine for a couple of days, and then the card reader quite working (thus, I can’t show you any progress photos of

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A Wednesday

I am feeling a little down today. I had a rough weekend, with what I think may have been food poisoning. I am sore from my workouts Monday and yesterday, and still waiting to hear back from the company I interviewed with on Friday. I think it went well, and I expect to hear from

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