101 Things

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With the end of January coming to a close, I thought it was time to share my new quilting project with you. Last year I stumbled across a blog that was hosting this Calendar Quilt Challenge. I loved the idea of doing this, adding a strip of fabric for every day of the year. I [Read More]

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After Dark Sneak Peek

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by my little part of the world. I always appreciate that you do. Our Dallas after Dark photowalk was fun (although h.o.t.). I think I got some good photos, although I haven’t had time to really sit down and go through them. But, I thought I’d share at least [Read More]

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There’s Nothing Like Procrastination

On Saturday, I had the afternoon to myself and I was trying to choose something to work on. For whatever reason, one piece in particular just jumped out at me…my Just Nan RR. This RR was the first RR I took part in and I ended up with a gorgeous piece. It’s just been hanging [Read More]

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101 Things – well, 42

Well, I am very very close to a finish, I have another gifty finish to show you, I have stash to show you too. But, alas, I didn’t get around to dealing with photos yet. So, I thought I’d post something that’s been on my mind and do the photos next time. Spurred on by Anna’s [Read More]


A Gift, A Guild and an Award or Two

Thank you all so much for your sweet compliments on Barnabee. I am so thrilled to finally have him finished. I haven’t had a chance to stitch at all since finishing him until last night, so you can imagine what a treat that was! Last week was such a whirlwind! I finished Barnabee, finished reading [Read More]

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Back to the Plan

You may recall that in December I instituted a Plan for 2008. I wanted to cut down on the stash acquisition/new starts and focus more on finishing some of those many WIPs I have on the go. Currently I have 14 official WIPs (plus the Neighborhood RR, plus Snow Bunnies, plus those two Prairie Schooler bookmarks [Read More]