Adam and Eve SAL

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Do you remember my Barnabee’s Quest? I stitched him as a SAL with some other lovely stitchers, and although I was one of the founding members of the SAL, I was the last to finish. I finished him July of 2008. And there he waited, hanging in my closet. It seemed such a shame to …

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Adam Emerging

I made a deal with myself this week. I really wanted to meet up with some friends from guild Thursday night for a stitching evening, but I had to take a test at school this week also. I ramped it up a bit and got my test out of the way on Wednesday night. I …

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Low Tide

I’m back, with just a little progress to share. As you can see above, I’ve finished the rocks in Block 1 of Shores and I’ve moved on to the ocean. It’s slow going, but it’s relatively mindless filling in, which seems to be what I’m wanting right now. I did attempt to work on the …

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