Catherine Theron Workshops

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Remember October?

October is always a super busy month for Eric and I and last October seemed to be even more jam-packed than normal. In fact it was so full that I’m only just now getting around to editing and sharing some of the photos. We always go to the State Fair in October, and one of [Read More]

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Neon Green Asteroids

Ahhhh, so nice to have a long holiday weekend to relax! As you can see, Eric and I went out to see the fireworks on the 4th. You can see more about our weekend here, if you’re interested. And other than going out to see the fireworks, we really had nothing else planned. We decided [Read More]

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Strawberries and Apples

Last weekend I went to the EGA South Central Region Seminar that was held here in Dallas with two of my stitching friends. It was hard to imagine that Seminar was finally here, since we’d signed up for this thing a year ago! We took both of Catherine Theron’s classes, and our three days with [Read More]

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My First Workshop

I have had a fabulous two days. My guild hosted Catherine Theron for two classes this weekend and they (and she) were wonderful. I cannot tell you what a joy it is to belong to a guild with such wonderful people. I told someone this afternoon that this guild has really expanded my horizons in [Read More]