Dorothy’s Garden

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That’s How I Roll

A momentous occasion last week…I was far enough along on ATS that I was able to roll the fabric. It’s coming along (slower than I’d like, but still coming along). It’s amazing how long it takes to stitch all those scattered little motifs, but at least each one feels like a small victory. And they …

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So Much

Lately it seems like I’ve been focused on everything that is hard or stressful in my life. And you know, just that mindset can keep you stuck in that space. I’ve recently been reminded of how lucky I am and how grateful I am for so much in my life. It’s amazing what just a …

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This entire post is covered under the following disclaimer: Please view photos at your own risk. Michelle cannot be held responsible for the craptastic quality of her photos in this post. Exhibit A (above) was taken with a point and shoot early in the morning without the help of sunlight and/or being able to actually …

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Signs of Spring

After the mad dash to get my Stacy Nash pre-stitching done, I decided I needed to do some sampler stitching. There are so many beautiful samplers that I want to start, but I’m really trying to keep myself working on my WIPs. So, this is Dorothy. She’s my oldest WIP. Dorothy and I have a …

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It has been cold, cold, cold here. On Thursday, I had to miss going to school due to the weather even. Luckily my drive in to work and home weren’t too bad – just a bit icy. I had been looking forward to taking advantage of the below freezing temps to settle in with my …

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Thanks to all of you for the compliments on my new look. I am so in love. And it’s weird to look at my blog and not see Botticelli’s Venus looking back out at me. But, that’s ok. I love the red. So, in my last post I mentioned that two of the three pieces …

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