Loose Feathers

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Spring’s Song

I had one final finish in 2012 that I’m finally able to share. I stitched this little piece up for a dear friend’s birthday (which I am notoriously and repeatedly late for). She spent the majority of her year last year stitching for other people, and I wanted to do something special that was just [Read More]

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Christmas Stitching

After a complete mental breakdown caused by looking at all of my many WIPs, I decided a new start was in order. Ha! See how I am?!? But really, I just wanted to stitch on something Christmas-y for the last few weeks of December. So, I pulled out BBD’s Peace on Earth (Loose Feathers No. [Read More]

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This past weekend, I played another game of Stitching Roulette. Since I can’t seem to settle on anything, I’m apparently stitching on everything. As I may have mentioned previously, I’m currently stitching on my Secret Stitcher gift, which of course I can’t show you. It’s taken precedence over Mele K. for the time being. I [Read More]

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A Cemetery, Bones & Raising the Dead

I’ve managed to get a good amount done on Jenny Bean in the past few days. Of course, you can see the house is finished, as is the cemetery and I’ve moved onto the tree. The tree is finished minus its leaves. And the colors for this sampler, especially since mine were a guess, are [Read More]

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Three-Day Weekend

I’m so happy to have a three-day weekend. It’s just the best thing. Especially when my Saturdays are always busy, it’s like I’m actually getting a weekend this weekend. I haven’t done a lot of stitching though, which is a shame. But, I’ve been getting some things done around the house. I did get in [Read More]

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On to September

The last of the birthday weekend finishes… For my birthday, I usually have a new start. This year, I decided to just start something little. I’d been wanting to stitch up some of the BBD stockings, and the Happy Birthday stocking seemed like a perfect choice for birthday stitching. My grandmother’s birthday is near mine [Read More]