Papillon Mystery Sampler

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What’s this you ask? It’s my Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler from the Gift of Stitching magazine. A WIP from forever ago that I haven’t worked on since April 2010. Last week, I decided that I was fed up with Hare Pyns and needed a break. Since I’d been talking about red samplers, and I remembered …

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Fat Tuesday

Hello all! I had hoped to have a post yesterday, but sometimes Mondays are Mondays. I’ve been making a lot of progress on my stitching and that feels so good! I am trying my hand at not feeling stressed or guilty about my stitching. I have a couple of things nagging at me, but for …

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My Everything 021509 2

My Everything

As promised, above you can see the finished and framed My Everything. I gave it to Eric on Saturday morning, and he hung it in our bedroom on Sunday. We hung it next to the pewter heart that I bought for him two Valentine’s Days ago. You wouldn’t believe the luck I had with this …

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Hi, everyone. Thanks for the compliments on the mermaids and Dorothy’s Garden. It is much appreciated. Mr. Eric surprised me with a Valentine’s bouquet delivered to my office on Tuesday. He just knew I’d want to enjoy it as long as possible, as well as I am missing him greatly this week while he is …

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Mystery Sampler 120207


I discovered at the end of last week that I am not getting notification emails of all of my blog comments. Some are coming through, but not all of them. So, Eric suggested I send the notifications to a secondary email address to find out if it was Blogger that was the issue, or my …

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Well, I finally finished it!!! I am so pleased! I can’t believe it took me as long as it did (shameful, really). As you can see, I began in on February 1, 2007 and finished it last night. This piece began as a SAL with Carol, Jenna, Michelle, Nikki and Andrea. Although I was the person who organized the SAL, I …

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