Allergies and Texas Don’t Mix

Ugh! I did get a little relief from my allergy shots on Tuesday, but now the allergies are back in full force. My allergist assures me that even were I to move to another part of the country, I would develop allergies to whatever is there. I have to give it to him that I did have bad allergies in Arizona – and what the heck is there to be allergic to in the desert?! I will tell you – the state tree, that’s what I was allergic to. But, you are here to see what sort of craftiness I have been up to and not what is going on with my nose… I think I am making some good progress on Quaker Garden. I will have a progress pic for you later, as I want to stitch a little more on it before I put it away for the weekend. Then, I need to get to those sailors – the ones on Bay Sampler, that is. But, in stash news – I received my fabric for Old Aviary Sampler. Carol so kindly ordered this for me at the same time she ordered hers. I am hoping we can do a SAL on this design in the future. I have a hard time figuring out fabric. My LNS makes it a little difficult to get fabric from them, because they don’t have a lot of stock, but instead of ordering something for me, they want to talk me into something else. Ordering fabric online is ok, but not something I have much practice at. It seems most places will only sell you certain sizes – like a half yard. And to get the size I need I have to buy way more than I want. Plus, I am unsure of the colors of fabrics and how accurate they look on my monitor. So, alas, a dilemma. This is 40 ct Cream Newcastle – and it is gorgeous (and huge – 17″ x 41″!!!). I’ve joined Silkweaver’s fabric of the month, though – just to see if it eases my fabric dilemma at all with regard to color options.

Old 20Aviary 20Fabric

I am grateful for Kleenex.

3 thoughts on “Allergies and Texas Don’t Mix”

  1. “Kleenex” !! Funny! Allergies are NO fun. Lot’sa people develop ’em up here.
    I was thinking about that Silkweavers monthly fabric, I’m a little jealous. :o)

  2. Sorry to hear that your allergy relief wasn’t very long lived. 🙁 It’s hard to believe that you had allergies in Arizona. Mine has recently decided to settle into mjy chest. Woohoo. 😉 Can’t wait to see your Quaker Sampler progress!

  3. I too have terrible allergies and live in Texas as well. It is hard to stitch with very irritated eyes and sneezing all the time! I used to live in Idaho and they were bad there too. I guess we keep the Kleenex business booming!

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