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Before I finally get around to telling you about my trip to Chicago, let me throw two other things out there. First, there are some interesting new developments in research on DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, go here to read about it. It still amazes me that as old as this painting is, there is still so much mystery about it (The DaVinci Code aside). Secondly, the second class of my Brightneedle Ghosties and Ghoulies piece was yesterday. Ann, from Brightneedle, sent an email and had this to say, which I thought was very timely and appropriate… “life is too short and we should all take out the good china, the good linens and our very best needlework to enjoy.” So, I am re-centering myself in the present and reminding myself that life is a celebration…all of it. New shoes!! Ok…now, on to the show…

Let me start by saying that this trip to Chicago was really important to me for a lot of reasons. I was anxious about it because I have never travelled much, so I tend to get pretty anxious before I do travel. Also, I was anxious because the last time we were in Chicago (over Thanksgiving) Eric got really really sick and spent 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital. So, I was kind of a nervous wreck. But, this trip meant a lot. When I was married previously, my ex and I spent a lot of time talking about going places, but we never did. It was all talk. And I started to not really believe that I was ever going to fulfill my desire to travel. In 2002, after my divorce, I vowed to myself that I would travel, that I would not limit myself. The only problem with this was (see above) I am nervous about traveling. And as all my friends had families of their own, I was faced with traveling by myself. So, I did take a couple of trips to Rhode Island to see my best friend, and down to Austin to see my sister, but that was it. “Safe” trips. So, when Eric and I met and started dating, we talked about traveling…but there it was, the “talk about traveling”. But, since I have been with Eric, I have been on a cruise to the Bahamas (where he proposed), been to Rome, Italy (for my honeymoon), and been to Chicago twice. Oh, and we went to a Dude Ranch in Bandera, Texas for a weekend (yes, folks, there are such things as Dude Ranches). So, I feel like my travel experience has sort of exploded. So, for that reason alone, any time we actually go somewhere, it means so much to me…it’s like the fulfillment of a promise. The other reason that this trip meant so much to me is because I cannot get enough of Egyptian Art! I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art History, and I love love love all things Egyptian especially. I was little bitty (that is a technical term) the last time the King Tut exhibit toured the states, so needless to say, I didn’t see it. But, I think I may have seen every exhibit that has been in Texas in the last 20 years. So, to go to see this exhibit, and to actually travel to do it, was a BIG DEAL.

IMG 3702.1

The exhibit is at the Field Museum, which is (I thought) similar to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in DC (where I went when I was like 10 and loved it!). We got the audio tour of the exhibit, which I never do, but thought it might be worth it here. The audio tour was narrated by Omar Sharif (and I love me some Omar Sharif!). The exhibit opens up with a movie of the actual excavation projected onto one of the walls. So you can see Howard Carter and his workers at the tomb. How exciting! I won’t go into all the details of the exhibit, but it really is worth going to see. The Field Museum did an excellent job putting this exhibit together, and they have set it up so that there are not an inordinate amount of people in the exhibit at any given time. I highly recommend you go see this, if you have the chance.

IMG 3646

After seeing the Tut exhibit and having some lunch, we walked around to see the rest of the museum. Eric grew up in Chicago, so he has fond memories of coming to this museum. This is Sue, the T-Rex. She is the world’s largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton. The museum had a gem exhibit, a jade exhibit, exhibits on different parts of the world and its cultures, exhibits that were like walking into a three-dimensional Audobon book. Just amazing! It was a wonderful day! But, since I have rambled on and on and on here again tonight (boy am I chatty all of a sudden), I will continue my travelogue next time! I am still holding my breath for my exchange piece to get where it’s going. No one has received theirs yet, so maybe by the end of the week, I will be treated to some of the lovely things people stitched for this exchange. Have a great night – and tomorrow is Thursday!!!!

I am grateful for daring to open myself up to new experiences!

8 thoughts on “And All That Jazz”

  1. Looks and sound like you had a great time. The museum looks like a lot of fun and so interesting. I agree with nicki, I love building like the one in the pic!

  2. I love how you are fulfilling your desire to travel with Eric! (I love traveling too.) “the fulfillment of a promise”, you said. I think it’s only one of many that will be kept. 🙂

  3. Chicago is such a wonderful city. Seb and I spent our Thanksgiving break there in 2003 (we spent an academic year in the US). We had such a great time!

    I’m glad you and Eric had such a wonderful trip!

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