Another Month, Another Sheep Blanket

Sheep 20110406

Here is November’s sheep blanket. I’ve got my next two patterns, so I’ll probably be starting on December’s blanket soon (as soon as I get to my LNS for some thread). The charm on this one is a little brass jack-o-lantern. And since I was in the fall decorating mood, I got out my fall table runner and amber glass turkeys. I love these little fellas. I bought them years and years ago from Williams Sonoma. I haven’t had a table to put them on for four years though, so this is the first time they’ve been out of the box in a long time.


I was very productive today on the iPod case search. Thanks to Andrea for the tip, I took a look at Brighton‘s choices and picked out this great one called “Cherries Jubilee”. The bottom part is a chocolate brown. I love this!!!

ipod 20case

And in the mail today, I received a book I had ordered from the Smithsonian – I even got an autographed copy. I have such a fascination with rocks, gems, stones, jewelry, all that good stuff. And when I went to Washington, DC in my pre-teen years, I fell in love with the Smithsonian Museums, particularly the Natural History museum (where the Hope Diamond is) and the American History museum. So, when I saw this book being offered, it was a must-buy.

Hope 20Diamond

I’ll let you know how it is. I am frantically trying to finish my book for my book club next Friday (is it that time again, already??), Thebes at War. It is good so far, about Ancient Egypt (to tie in with their Hatshepsut exhibit). I’ve done a little bit of stitching today, but not much. We’ve spent the day running errands mostly. I got my iPod case, we went to the Container Store for sweater boxes, and boot boxes and all those winter storage items that one needs. We also bought some wire shelves to help us organize our pantry. So, we are in an organizing mood today. Tonight we’re planning on watching Gone with the Wind and I should be good to stitch during that. So, I should make a good dent in my RR piece.

So, question of the day…anyone know what the reference to floss/flossy is that I keep hearing in songs? I assume it’s along the lines of bling, but my slang is a little out of date apparently.

I am grateful for finally having a table again.

10 thoughts on “Another Month, Another Sheep Blanket”

  1. Those blankets are so cute!

    I just watched the “Ancient Mysteries” episode on the Hope Diamond. It was kinda fascinating. I have “Knights Templar” waiting on my DVR. :o)

    So in this part of the country, flossing means styling. Dressed really nice.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Your new sheep blanket is super cute! I love the turkeys, too.

    Honestly I don’t know how people get by without tables. I would go insane without one! Then again, I’m a grad student (so I spread out all my books, research, and grading), and I also cook a lot.

  3. Yay for the November sheepie blanket! It looks great and I’m really impressed that you are keeping up with these so well. 🙂 I saw the Hope diamond at the Smithsonian several years ago and it is just gorgeous. Let us know how the book is, because I would be interested to know the full history of that gem.

  4. Michelle, I love your ipod holder, lol! Mine looks just like it but it’s for the Nano, so it’s smaller.
    Too cute!
    Please leave me your email address for the blog link or email me at deep fried cupcake at hotmail dot com. K?

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