As Promised

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Finally some photos from our San Antonio trip that was for our first anniversary. I can’t believe I haven’t had time until now to sit down and sort through these. I’ve picked quite a few to share, so I will have to break them up over a couple of posts. These are photos from our first day. We went to the four of the five Spanish missions (the Alamo is considered the fifth). The first, above, is Mission Concepcion. As it was Good Friday, all of the missions were having services, so we did a lot of our looking outside.

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After Mission Concepcion, we drove over to Mission San Jose and then to San Juan Capistrano. Here is a photo of San Juan – it is beautiful. You can still see a lot of the painting on the inside and outside of the buildings. Below is a photo of the Rose Window.

IMG 0260

And here is a photo from one of the buildings surrounding the church itself. These were whole communities and included granaries, etc.

IMG 0266

The last mission we visited on Friday was San Francisco de la Espada. What an amazing day. That evening, Eric took me to dinner at a little place called Azuca, which means “sweetie”. It was a fabulous dinner and afterwards we went next door to their mojito bar and had really fantastic mojitos. This is a photo of one of the chandeliers in the restaurant – made by the glass-blowers next door. It reminds me of Chihuly’s chandeliers.

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And finally, Eric surprised me with a horse and carriage ride through the city, which he had already arranged. What fun – I’ve never been on one before! The weather blew in though that night, so the rest of the weekend was cold, wet and rainy. It was like 80-something degrees on Friday, and then 38 degrees Saturday morning. But, I’ll show you more photos next time!

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Before I end the post, though – here are promised photos of the knitting I am practicing on. Not perfect, but not bad for a beginner. I noticed I have a hole though, I may have to see if I can rip it back a couple of rows to fix it.

Knitting 051507

And finally, progress as of last night on my Mystery Sampler (can you believe the difference a new camera makes!!). Once I finish the green motif in the bottom left corner, I will be done with part 1. Oh, and please go take a look at Carol’s blog today, she finished stitching the block on my RR that she is helping me out with. It looks beautiful! She’ll be sending it off to Jenna next! I did do the nine-block layout because I liked the look of it, even though there were only seven stitchers in my RR. Thus, the two extra!

Mystery Sampler 051507

I am grateful for Carol!

16 thoughts on “As Promised”

  1. Your pictures are so pretty! I just came back from vacation myself and mojitoes are my new favorite drink! 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures 🙂 The carriage looks like a magical thing, I bet you felt like Cinderella being whisked around the city streets in a carriage with your prince charming 🙂

    p.s. I’m grateful for Carol too!

  3. Aussie Stitcher

    I love the picture of the carriage Michelle. It looks like you and your hubby had a wonderful first anniversary. Congratulations to you both and here’s hoping for many more to come.

  4. Great photos! I’m glad that you had such a wonderful time. Eric is such a thoughtful man. 🙂 I think that your knitting looks really good. Very even and consistent.

  5. San Antonio looks beautiful. The Missions look so peaceful and magestic.

    Lovely progress on your mystery sampler too!

  6. San Antonio looks beautiful. The Missions look so peaceful and magestic.

    Lovely progress on your mystery sampler too!

  7. Thanks for sharing your pictures!! It looks amaxing. I love looking at people’s holiday photos. Well done with the knitting and your sampler looks great

  8. I love the pictures and such a beautiful carriage ride…such a romantic husband….he’s a keeper!
    I love the Chihuly glass!!! He did the entrance ceiling at the Bellagio and has a shop there as well!!! I’ll take a picture next time there and post it!!!
    Oh and I tagged you…

  9. OMGosh! I’m a big Chihuly fan… he put on a fabulous exhibit at the art museum here several (many?) years ago, and since then I’ve been hooked.

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