wool sheep with a cross-stitched blanket over him that has a blue bird and a sunflower on it. Sunflowers peek out from behind the sheep

I have finally done the finishing on my August Woolly Tyme piece. As you may remember, these are monthly blankets for my sheep. I finished stitching this one a while back, even though I had to wait on some green thread for it. I finally cleared off a space on my craft table and did the finishing on it over the weekend. So here it is! (And yes, I am amazed I got the picture to load). I had a rough day yesterday and so putting out my new blanket and exchanging my arrangement of flags for an arrangement of sunflowers made me really happy! I have everything (even the threads if you can believe it) for my September blanket. So, I will probably start stitching on that one soon. These are good little travel pieces since they are only about 5″ x 10″ or so. And each one comes with a little brass charm. This one has a little butterfly on the sunflower, the previous one had a little star on the flag. Here’s a closeup…

closeup of a cross-stitch blanket for a wool sheep that has a blue bird and a big sunflower on it

And here, finally is my progress on Quaker Garden. As I mentioned, I have done a little more than this pic shows. I have finished that alphabet up at the top, and outlined the right triangle. Just a little more to do, but the debacle with my work pc last night, really threw me off schedule.


Tonight I have class, after having a week off. To answer Ann‘s question, I am attending “Leadership” classes just for my own benefit. The last book we studied was Wayne Dyer’s “Inspiration” and tonight we begin Eric Butterworth’s “Spiritual Economics”. I have been attending these classes since 2002. And boy, have they made a difference in my life and how I view things. And I can’t end this post without thanking Christine for sharing her daily joys with us. I love that! Thanks, Christine!

I am grateful for sunlight and sunflowers.

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  1. Leadership classes sound very interesting. I am taking classes for my master’s in business communications and there are a few leadership type classes I have taken. I really enjoy them too. QG looks awesome too! Ann….again.

  2. Your wooly sheep is so cute! Nice job and you’re almost at the finish line with QG. I love sunflowers, my friend at work does her whole house up for fall with sunflowers. Maybe it’ll help the cool weather come a bit sooner!

  3. QG is looking GREAT, you’re nearly there! I have loved looking at all your other projects too… just beautiful!

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