Barnabee’s Quest

Snow 20020207

We had snow again on Friday. It seems so odd to see snow here. It didn’t last all day, but it was pretty for awhile. I’ve also had a migraine, so I apologize for not posting sooner. I was so excited to see everyone’s progress on Barnabee. I am almost embarrassed to show you how little I did on it. I stitched for about two hours on Thursday night, but this is all I can show for it. I feel like the slowest stitcher!

BQ 20020307

It is such a sweet piece though. Although I knew that it was going to be small, I never expected it to be quite this small. It is only 3 1/2 inches across. I love the little beeskep border. Too bad I didn’t finish it. Oh well, there is always next week! And since I wasn’t able to stitch on my HAED piece on Wednesday, I decided to pull it out and work on it last night. I didn’t get a whole 10 x 10 block done, but it is still progress. Eric says he’s going to retire before I finish this piece! And he’s only 32.

Water 20020307

I am trying to figure out a better way to organize my thread for this piece. I feel like I spend half my time searching for the thread I need, because there are so many colors in this. So, at Jo-Ann’s today I purchased a plastic box with cardboard bobbins that I can use to store all the threads for this piece. Hopefully it will make it easier to find each color, because they will be in the box in order. I also bought my thread for Baby Garden today, so I should be able to start that on Monday. I got an email from Stitching Bits & Bobs that my thread for my sheep blankets is FINALLY on its way. I’m anxious to finish up my February blanket, because the sheep is naked again. Not too much else going on around here…I intend to stitch on Mystery 9 this weekend, and hopefully get some sewing in. First though, I’m going to get rid of my migraine (here’s hoping!). Everyone have a great weekend, and welcome to newcomers!

Walk to Rivendell: Road rolls up and down. (Total miles walked: 20.5)

I am grateful for snowflakes.

10 thoughts on “Barnabee’s Quest”

  1. Lovely start on BQ!
    Hope your feeling better soon…I’ve never had a migraine, but I have a SIL that suffers from them and I know they are terrible.
    Snuggle in and get better!

  2. Good start to Barnabee’s Quest.

    I bought all new DMC for my HAED & keep them in plastic bags. For example all the 100, 200 & 300’s in one bag etc. Because I too found I was spending a ton of time just looking for my thread. Your system sounds like it will work well. Your progress is great.

  3. Snow in Texas… again! What a strange winter! They say that Los Angeles has more snow than Boston already this year – doesn’t that sound even stranger?? Good start on BQ 🙂

  4. I love how water aceo is looking – the colours are lovely in this piece. I do the same thing with my HAED wip – a project box with all the floss bobbinated.

    Barnabee’s quest is looking beautiful too~

  5. Lovely new start! Let us not worry about being slow stitchers – what matters is that we enjoy the process! 🙂
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  6. You’ve made a great start on both pieces. I think I might have missed witch HAED piece your working on. I already love the colors in it.

  7. Trust me, you are not slow. The only reason I got so much done is because I spent three nights on it! You are exactly where I was at the end of my first night. 🙂

  8. I bobbinate all my floss too, Michelle. I have a couple of projects where I have all the floss in ziploc bags and they drive me nuts 🙂 They are kits though and the threads were pre-cut so that was the easiest way for me to store them.

    Nice progress on BQ – you’re not slow at all!

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