Baroque & Beauty

Tonight I went to my book club discussion at the museum on the book “On Beauty”. I have to say that I do love to discuss a book, especially a good book at these gatherings. Tonight, though, filled me with frustration and left me a little fired up. The book deals with, among other things, the idea of beauty and beauty in its various forms – through paintings, through people, through music, etc. But two things ocurred tonight that just “chapped my hide” as we say in Texas. First, a woman sat down next to me and before the discussion even got started, began to relay to me how she felt she needed to lose weight and how when she looked in the mirror she felt disgusted with herself. This woman was not overweight in the least. And I found myself wondering, why are you telling me this? The second thing that ocurred was that another woman (are you sensing a theme??) stated that one of the main characters was not likeable because she was overweight. What? I am just stunned by the judgments that we place not only on ourselves (Jenna – often we are all our own harshest critic), but the judgments that we place on others based on external appearance. Someone is likeable if they are physically attractive? Ugh. I have no more words for this.

On a brighter note…on to the good stuff. The next book on our reading agenda for the book club is A.S. Byatt’s “Matisse Stories”, which I have already read. Alas, that allows me more time to spend with Elizabeth Peters’ Egyptian mysteries. I also received my supplies (thread, fabric, beads and crystals) for Midi Mystery 2. I am so excited to have these. Especially with Midi 1 off to the framers. This Baroque-themed piece will be lovely. No idea when I will have time to fit it in, but I will make it fit into my schedule somehow! So, here it is in all its loveliness.

beautiful silk threads in Flossaway bags fanned out and tubes of colorful beads and crystals alongside.

I am grateful for the places I see beauty.

3 thoughts on “Baroque & Beauty”

  1. Ohhhh a Chatelaine *drools* I must admit they have become a recent addiction – and dont you just love the way European Cross Stitch package the kits?

    I’ve been tossing and turning regarding the Baroque themed midi so will be watching you stitch this one with huge interest 🙂

  2. I’m sorry you had that experience at the book discussion. I know exactly what you mean, though. I’ve been watching the Discovery and Discovery Health channels a lot lately and I kept seeing this preview for one of the upcoming plastic surgery shows that really angered me. This thin, lovely, attractive woman saying (in tears) that she felt that she was disgusting and not sexy. I don’t know what they did to her, but I think it was a breast augmentation. That just annoys me. Fortunately, the first thing I’ve gotten over is my unhappiness with who I see in the mirror. Instead of picking at my flaws, I am grateful for everything I have going for me. I get frustrated when they perform plastic surgery on people who do not seem like a good fit because they have some psychological issues that they should work through first. But, I’ll stop going off about that now. You hit a nerve. 😉

    Your Chatelaine kit looks lovely. Don’t you just love receiving kits from European Cross Stitch? Their packaging and organization of the materials always make me feel like I’m receiving something special. Have fun! 🙂

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