Card Trick & Number 25

I feel like I have been going non-stop today. It has been a very productive day, though. First, I pieced together my block of the month quilt block.

Card 20Trick 20091006

This pattern is called Card Trick. This was another new pattern for me, and it was fun to do. I love the colors. Next weekend I am supposed to pick up my next block. Since I will be in Chicago, I’ll have to figure out how that’s gonna work. I can’t imagine what the fabrics are going to be in the next block since the two I’ve done have been totally different from each other. I haven’t managed to get much stitching done this weekend, but guess what I did finally get finished…

Roses 20Curtains 20091006

Yes, those are curtains you see! So, I can now cross #25 off of my 101 things list, which was “hang curtains in kitchen window”. That is now 5 things I have completed off of my list. Hurrah! And my sweet husband brought me home some gorgeous pink roses today. These are called Latin Breeze. I am really pleased with my curtains (well, technically sheers). They still let in all the light, but allow me a little bit of privacy from my neighbors who love to look in at me. Our house is really coming together and feeling like a home. Off to stitch some more on my exchange piece!

I am grateful for being married five months!

12 thoughts on “Card Trick & Number 25”

  1. Congratulations on getting the curtains done, they look lovely 🙂

    What a nice husband you have – mine never brings me flowers (although he’s good to me in lots of other ways, so I mustn’t complain!)

  2. ohhhhhhh Michelle, what a lovely blog site, ty for sending it to me, congrats on the 5months, congrats on crossing an item off the list. Love ya bunches, btw, i ordered “The Shirt” giggles.

  3. The curtains look great, as does your latest quilt block … that’s something I really do want to try soon 🙂 BTW I’ve been meaning to say for a while now, that I love your “be thankful” comments on every post that you do – it always makes me feel so positive about my own circumstances and reflecting on things that make me feel good … thanks heaps for that! 😀 Now I’m off to read your last months posts as I try to catch up on my backlog of blog reading … 🙂

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