Christmas is Coming

Christmas 20is 20Coming

This little guy was my first Just Nan WhimZi. I stitched him up right before Thanksgiving last year. After watching the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving morning, I just had to get him out – in all his turkey-riding glory! Here is the progress on the stocking. I finished up the train, backstitching and all, and I stitched the heart row. The hearts are the very bottom of the stocking. I think it looks a little funny and lopsided, but I hope that all will make sense once it is cut into stocking shape. I have to take a time out on the stocking and get to work on Round 2 of my Just Nan RR. I will be a lucky woman if I can finish the stockings (meaning, get them sewn up), the ornament and the RR by the 15th. That is my drop-dead date. Wish me luck.

Stocking 20112806

Also, because I am a stitching masochist and feel I need to have one more project making me crazy, I am working on my Winter Snapperland in the mornings before I rush off to work. I literally only get about ten minutes in on this one at a time, so it is moving pretty slow. I just have the last chart to complete, and then the border. I started this entire piece on January 2nd of this year while watching the Rose Parade…so, it would be so nice to finish it by the end of the year.

Winter 20Snapperland 20112806

I started Mystery 9 on January 1st of this year, but we will not speak of what has become of M9 in all of my Christmas stitching madness. I can only hope that my vacation the week before Christmas will allow me time to revel in all of my Christmas projects finished and allow me to get to something new (by new I mean something that hasn’t seen a needle in months – see list in my sidebar). Stitch on, everyone, and enjoy the week!

I am grateful for my belief in myself.

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