Guess what was in my mailbox yesterday. Does the fact that it is November and I am just getting this seem odd? Does the fact that it was 43 degrees this morning make me wonder what Bent Creek is thinking? I’ve been noticed that the shipments of the Fall Snapperland should be starting soon…hmm. It’s cute anyway. I think they’ve done a much better job with their Spring and Summer Snapperlands than they did with Winter (since the first and last designs are almost identical in that one).


I have made a good start on my Just Nan Round Robin. I have completed one band and am over halfway through my second band on Angi’s piece. I have two more bands planned, but I may slide one more in if it looks skimpy. I should be able to get some good stitching in on it this weekend. Here’s my progress on the stocking as of last night. I only stitched for a little bit, but I managed to finish up the beard. Eric thinks that sleeve looks like a big lima bean, but I’ve tried to explain lima beans aren’t pink…

Stocking 20110306

Since I finished stitching on my November sheep blanket, I have started on a new travel project. (Sheep blanket photos coming soon…I have to set up my November display). This is Day 1 of the Twelve Days of Christmas by Teresa Wentzler. Over one partridge is what you are seeing the beginnings of. My friend Sherri is stiching these as well, and her Partridge is gorgeous! This is on 28ct Antique White Cashel (it is laying on my navy couch though, so that’s probably why it looks dark).


And here we come to the confession part of the post. As the year gets toward the end, I started doing some thinking about my current pieces and the realization dawned that there are a lot of them, most of them big projects. In my very first post, I fessed up to several of them. But here are two you haven’t seen before. And you will also notice, that in the interest of confessing it all, I have listed them in my sidebar. First, we have Dorothy’s Garden by A Stitcher’s Hands. This is the most gorgeous design, and it is over one on 32ct. I love this piece, and fell in love with it the moment I first laid eyes on it at my LNS. The woman who designed this is local, and her model was in the shop. I started this about two years ago. It was my second over one piece (the first one was also on 32 ct).


And here is my forlorn Mermaid Treasure Box by Martina Weber. I love this piece so much, but it just somehow got shuffled to the bottom of the pile. I started this one last year while I was stitching Midi Mystery 1. I would so love to finish this one too. Martina’s pieces are just stunning in person. Photos just do not capture the sheen and sparkle of them.

MTB 20Jan 2006.2

So, there you have it. I am just itching to have some finishes on these. But, as you can see most of these are pretty involved. I am continuing with my planned stitching for the rest of the year – Eric’s stocking, my partridge, and my Round Robin. I really hope to get more than that done. Wish me luck! That’s all the confessing I am going to do today, have a great weekend! I am going ipod case shopping tomorrow.

I am grateful for beautiful pieces to stitch.

7 thoughts on “Confessions”

  1. Michelle I am jealous of your mermaid box WIP. I found Martina just as that one was closing. I think all Martina’s fans have “one that got away” and that’s mine for the moment till she re-releases it anyway.

  2. I think most of us have at least one, and probably more, ufos in the bottom of the basket or hiding in a bag somewhere that needs to see the light of day again. I can think of at least three, ouch!

  3. Well, we had snow flurries today … yes, it is Autumn.

    I’ve been stitching an out-of-season project, too. Oh well — I’m just a fossil!

    I’ve got a few UFO’s in the closet that won’t see the light of day until at least February. I’m itching to work on those kits & projects I’ve had in my stash for too long of a time

    Enjoy your week-end

  4. Yes, it is odd that it’s taken so long to get the last Summer Snapperland out. I think Benk Creek are working to the southern hemisphere seasons – it’s almost summer here now so it’ll be nicely in time! LOL!

    Love your other WIPs – especially Dorothy’s Garden. It looks so beautiful over one.

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