Crash and Burn

Margaret Pence 071010

Ever have one of those weeks where you think it’s all going just dandy and then it all hits the fan from out of nowhere? Yeah, that’s where we’re at. Downhill descent started last Thursday at work and made impact today (again at work) with a whole lot of nonsense in between. I’d thought yesterday was the point of impact, but I was wrong. Awesome.

So, let’s talk stitching, shall we? As you can see from my progress above on Margaret Pence, I was able to sit down and put more than five stitches in at a time. In fact, I made so much progress on this Friday night and Saturday that I hated to put it down. You can see my last progress photo in the post below. A lot a lot, huh? I need to finish my birds and put some little doodads on the fruit, but then that tree is done and I will move over to the other tree.

Like I said, I was on such a roll with Margaret Pence, that I hated to set her aside, but I decided to get out And They Sinned on Sunday. I think I mentioned that the last time I worked on this I finished up the left hand side of the cloud. So, yesterday I started in on the right side. I’ve got a little mistake that I’m trying to allow for in my cloud, and hopefully it will all come out right. But, that’s why I started tent stitching my outline, so that I could make sure everything was lining up correctly. I think I made good progress on this yesterday too and hated to put it away last night.

ATS 071110

So, anyway… I made good progress on two pieces this weekend and enjoyed them both. I finally felt like I was able to stitch, which was a good thing. Regardless of the fact that all manner of shenanigans were going on, I had a pretty good weekend. And please just use your imagination on making these photos the correct color – I cannot take or edit photos early in the morning to save my life.

Ok, that’s it for me today. I may work on Margaret P a little more this evening if I don’t decide to hole up with the 700 page book I need to have read by Friday. Did I mention I’m on like page 50?

I am grateful for some great advice.

18 thoughts on “Crash and Burn”

  1. Still awake…. you did make fabulous progress on both! MP is looking real good and you are just blowing and going on ATS – can’t see the booboo at all.
    Sorry about the drama flying around. I know your plate is full and does not need to get any fuller. Glad to know you are getting good advice (wasn’t me since I know I haven’t sent any your way of late). 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear there’s drama in your world…I hope it all settles down soon.

    Beautiful progress on Margaret Pence and ATS. You can’t even tell there is a booboo. I hope you make it work.

    May the week get better for you…

  3. Michelle these are both looking great!! Isn’t corporate life just AWESOME . I would love to just be DONE with the politics of it all! chin up!!

  4. I think that you’ve made some fantastic progress even with all the shenanigans going on. Sometimes stitching is just what the doctor ordered when things get a little crazy!

    Hope that it all slows down soon.

  5. I love your progress on both pieces! Beautiful! I know what you mean about taking pictures to reflect the color.

    Are you reading that book by Orhan Pamuk? I hate to say this, but I had a harrrrd time with that one. Not my favorite read. Hope you like it better than I did!

  6. I’m so sorry for your unasked for and undeserved work crappe….boo. But your samplers are beautiful, especially MP. Makes me want to stitch it! And there’s nothing as soothing as when the sampler stitching is going well.

  7. I’m sorry to read that you’re going through such a rough patch, Michelle. I hope you can get through your book on time!

    Your stitching looks great, though. Don’t you dare rip out that cloud, though! That would be too depressing!

  8. Great progress on both pieces Michelle! 🙂 I like how you’re outlining the cloud first, much easier to fill in that way. Sorry about all the drama, hope things settle down for you soon.

  9. Ugh, I hate shenanigans. 😛 I hope things settle down for you. In the meantime, your stitching progress is fantastic! YGG! Both Margaret and ATS look great.

  10. Congratulations on some great stitching time! I find stitching so soothing when life gets crazy. That is, until I realize need to pick out a bunch of stitches!! 😉


  11. Glad to read you have been enjoying your stitching. Both pieces are beautiful, but I really love Margaret Pence. There is something about birds on stitched pieces that is so appealing to me!

    Hope things turn around and go in a positive direction soon.

  12. I’m glad to see that you’re stitching and that work isn’t interrupting that. Great progress on both projects!

    Were you able to meet your reading deadline?

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