Dash It All

This is my October block of the month, Pinwheel Churn Dash. And since I pieced my block today, you know what that means…tomorrow I pick up the next one. Nothing like being on top of things, huh?

Pinwheel 20Churn 20Dash 20111806

And here are the four block I’ve done so far together. The flash really washed out the colors (particularly in Snail’s Trail – bottom left), so imagine the colors being bright and jewel-like. The background blue is different on all four of them. I can only imagine what the next eight will look like. These are twelve-inch blocks, so I will have a pretty good-sized quilt when I’m finished, especially if I decide to add borders, etc.

First 20Four 20Blocks 20111806

My back is killing me today. Eric and I spent part of the afternoon sitting on the floor organizing cds. We are combining our cds together and there are just a ton to go through. But, it has to be done, because we can’t find anything. So, sitting on the floor sorting cds plus sewing equals back hurts. Ugh. And I have been the muffin queen today too! (Trust me, cooking is not something I do a lot of, so this is a big deal.) I made blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning, helped Eric make chili for dinner and made cornbread muffins to go with it. I am little Miss Suzy Homemaker today! But, let’s see…what is missing from the mix? Yeah, that’s right, stitching. Haven’t touched the stocking. I did fondle thread earlier (as Eric calls it). I found some more 224 lurking in a bag of “extras”, so I am good on that. I took a little bit of time and also wound some DMCs on bobbins that were just floating around aimlessly in the basket on my craft table and in the bag of thread for the stocking and ornament. So, it has been a productive day, even if it hasn’t been a stitching one. So, I am off to stitch and watch our next Academy Award winner – How Green Was My Valley.

I am grateful for having a craft table to put my sewing machine on!

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