I am frantically still working on my exchange piece, hoping to get it done soon. I did take along Gill’s Texas Cow (ok, I guess in this case it’s a Longhorn) to work on today while I had my tires rotated. I didn’t bring my exchange piece because it’s not quite as portable. So, here’s a pic of what I’ve got done so far.

Texas 20Cow 20090906

Not very exciting, but hey, it is starting to resemble the Texas flag, if nothing else. In the mail today, I received my fabric from Silkweaver for my Just Nan RR. I wanted a really light, almost sky blue…which is what this is, with bits of cloud-white thrown in for a gorgeous look. Nan uses so many pinks and burgundies, etc. I thought they would all be pretty on the blue.

RR 20Fabric

This photo, of course, does not do this fabric justice at all. Like I said previously, I am getting a little anxious about the two exchanges I’ve signed up for and the RR that all occur about the same time. (How did that happen?!?) I am hoping my prep for my RR won’t take too long. Then I will have to get busy on my Halloween Sweetbag Exchange. I think I’ll lay off signing up for stuff. I did sit down last night and take the seam ripper to my curtains. They have been pinned and hung for a trial run, and appear to be the right length now, so I will sew them AGAIN tomorrow. For now, I will take myself to the couch for some much-needed sitting on my ass time. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

I am grateful for mini quiches (how cute are they!!)

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  1. Third time’s a charm, right? I know the curtains will turn out perfect. 🙂 Oh, and I so love those mini quiches, too. SO yummy!

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