Feeling Like Fall

Table Runner

For my birthday, my friend Julia sent this beautiful table runner she made. It makes my table look perfectly dressed for Fall. Don’t you love the colors?

Table Runner 2

And look at the hand-embroidered detail she added. It will look really pretty with my amber glass turkeys for Thanksgiving too. Love it!

Table Runner Close

And even though the weather isn’t cooperating to make me feel like Fall has come to stay, it is almost October. And so, with that in mind I needed a new start after finishing Where My Heart Blooms. I decided to start Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Samplers – a perfect Halloween choice. It was between Garden of Eerie and Primitive Needle’s Black’d Skie, but my threads haven’t arrived yet for that.

I’ve had more than the normal amount of woes with starting this project, but I think I’ve got it settled now. And so on Saturday, when we’d planned a guild stitch-in, I decided to take this project with me. Here’s what it looked like before…

Garden of Eerie Before TRSG Stitch In 091810

And here’s the after…

Garden of Eerie After TRSG Stitch In 091810

I’ve since finished filling in the left hand cloud and am halfway done with filling in the right. I was afraid I’d mis-measured and was going to run out of fabric, which is why I was working in outlines across the top. Now that my fears have been laid to rest, I can get on with it.

And since Fall makes me feel like curling up with a good book (especially with all the rain we’ve had lately), I’ve done a book review over at the other blog if you’re interested.

I’m grateful for being reminded to take some down time.

19 thoughts on “Feeling Like Fall”

  1. Michelle, what a perfectly lovely table runner from your friend. The colors are so pretty. And you know I love Plum Street Sampler anything, 😉 I stitched that last year, and I am so annoyed that I forgot all about sending it to Jill! Great start.

  2. What a great table runner! I love blue and brown together. Nice start on GoE too! I need to stitch something fall-ish. Maybe it would feel like fall then?

  3. The table runner is perfect fall, but I’m sorry the weather isn’t cooperating. It isn’t cooperating here either, with temps still in the 90s, but at least the light looks right, and Lordy, it gets dark early now! Loving Garden of Eerie–that’s a particularly nice photo, by the way.

  4. Garden of Eerie looks good, and you have made some good progress.

    The table runner is really nice – great birthday present. It is getting to be Fall here – leaves are starting to change, am documenting the change with a picture of the wood every few days. Today I pulled out some of my lighter sweaters for the chillier days & night(!) ahead.

  5. What a nice gift from your friend! Such pretty colors.

    Can’t wait to see more of Garden of Eerie! Love that design.

  6. A gorgeous table runner from your friend! I do like the colors for Autumn, and I can just picture your amber turkeys on this. Her hand embroidered detail makes it all the more special.

    I was just thinking of Garden of Eerie the other day. I never did purchase this one – YET – but I’ll enjoy watching your progress.

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