Finished Part 4

M9 20Part 204

I stayed up late last night finishing Part 4 of Mystery 9. This part (and the next three parts) are filling in two triangles for each part. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but Martina’s designs always take me way longer than I anticipate they will. But, I am happy to have this done. Here is a closeup of the triangles.

M9 20P4 20Closeup

I have the day off today, so I am planning to spend some time quilting. Well, piecing actually. And, as an early birthday present – I ordered the kit for Midi Mystery 2! I am so excited!

I am grateful for turnips and beets and all things that make Martina’s garden designs so delicate and lovely.

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  1. I know what you mean… Martina’s designs do the same thing to me!! I am so looking forward now to the end of MTM! I haven’t started Part 7 of M9 yet… I want to restitch a little bit on Part 6 first… 🙂 Your fabric is officially ordered for Old Aviary Sampler – do you still want it??

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