Ghoulies and Ghosties and Flying Monkeys (Oh My!)

Today was a good mail day! I received from Elegant Stitch my kit for the Brightneedle Ghoulies and Ghosties Etui. I jumped on this class when they posted it (as did a whole bunch of other people, because they told me I was the last one they were letting in!). I am so excited to have this piece, it is so cute. I love the little witch hat house.


I’m anxious to look through the instructions and such. The class is going to be online in September. I plan to take this with me as a travel project as soon as I finish my September Woolly Tyme. All I have left on that is a whole bunch of French knots.

Ghoulies 20and 20Ghosties

And here is Flying Monkeys by Glory Bee. I just had to have it. I love the Wizard of Oz as well as Gregory Maguire’s book Wicked. Eric and I have tickets to see Wicked (the musical) in the Spring, which should be fun. It sold out very quickly when it was here in November. This chart came with the fabric and a little bat button. Too cute!

Flying 20Monkeys

And also in the mail today I received an issue of SANQ (Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly) magazine. Months and months and months ago, I sent off for a subscription of SANQ. I had given up on ever receiving it, so I bought the Summer 2006 issue because I wanted part 1 of the Old Aviary Sampler. Well, even though I am seeing the new issue everywhere now, I received in the mail yesterday the Summer 2006 issue. Strangely enough also I have not received a bill for this. Perhaps that is forthcoming. So, since I have two copies now, I would be happy to offer one of the copies up to a good home. First come, first serve! And in movie news, I forgot to tell you how Mutiny on the Bounty was. This was our next movie in the Best Picture list. Another with Clark Gable, this one was pretty good. I thought it was a good story, well-acted, but it dragged there in the middle of it. It gave you that sense of being at sea for years on end though! This was about a ship, The Bounty (obviously), and the captain belittles and excessively punishes everyone below him on the ship. Disturbed by the way the ship is run, Clark Gable leads a mutiny (obviously) and the result of this eventually leads the British Navy to change the way officers and men interact while at sea to a new standard based on mutual respect. This apparently was based on actual events. So, if you get the chance, see it. Next up, The Great Ziegfield.

pssst…I posted three posts in a short timeframe, so be sure to scroll down and take a look at my new quilting project!

I am grateful for peace.

14 thoughts on “Ghoulies and Ghosties and Flying Monkeys (Oh My!)”

  1. What pretty stash. I love Brightneedles piece. I got their My Lady’s Needlecase online class. It is so much fun!

  2. Yay! What great stash in the mail! I like stalking the mailman, but I haven’t been very successful lately. I’m glad that yours is being more accommodating! 🙂

  3. You have a lovely new stash there Michelle!! I see on your weather pixie that it is 102 where you live. It is about that where I am in Texas as well. Perhaps you don’t live far from me, although it is hot all over Texas right now. Makes for good stitching weather so you don’t have to go out in the heat. Enjoy your new projects!


  4. Hi Michelle, I’m glad you told me to scroll down, otherwise I would have missed your quilt block and those lovely roses!

    What a great mail day too. Have fun in your Brightneedle class!

  5. I can’t wait to see how your Brightneedle pieces turn out! I know they will be lovely. You had a great mail day and I love your quilt block too!

  6. I love the pics of your stash that you’re planning on stitching. I’ve met with Nancy Boyarsky (who is the designer of Glory Bee) several times. She’s lovely and gracious.

  7. Excellent stash! The brightneedle class will be so much fun. Our LNS in laporte, IN is supposed to have a class in September — i wonder if that is the project???

    I’ll have to check

    Isn’t that SANQ sampler beautiful? it is really tempting!

  8. Love the Glory Be design. I finished that one last year and it is one of my favorite halloween projects. It just makes you smile. All your projects look so wonderful. Ann.

  9. Wonderful, wonderful stash. And your husband is obviously a sweetie. I love the brown sail on the ship–I think it looks just right.

  10. Hi,

    I wansn’t able to get into the Brightneedle class (Ghoulies & Ghosties) and I was wondering what you thought of the class? I’m hoping somehow to find this class again sometime. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thank you.


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