Haunted Dollhouse Project No. 2: The Staircases

Thank you so much for joining me on my journey with my haunted dollhouse project. In this episode I share the the beginnings of transforming the interior – starting with painting the staircases. Music: Bensound.

A few progress photos from the staircase painting.


Taped off the staircases for painting. Like all the trim in the house, they started off white.

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First coat of black.


After a lengthy passage of time, I finally got back to staircase painting and took advantage of a long weekend to get the final coats on.

Starting point. Sadly, over time the house became more of a storage space than active project.


Because I am working on the interior after build instead of painting prior to installing the staircases, it was quite challenging to get them painted. The backs of the staircases, particularly, were difficult to reach.


It took several coats, but finally the staircases are complete.


Tape removed!

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