Here Comes the Sun

Shores 011710

It’s actually raining here today, so no sunshine in sight. But, I recently picked my Shores of Hawk Run Hollow back up to stitch on and you can see the beginnings of the sun peeking in at the top corner of the block. After my test block (block 2) with two strands on 36ct, I’ve decided to go back to one. While I like the coverage of the two strands, my stitches aren’t laying the way I’d like them to. And since Jenny Bean has completely broken me and now I want to use one strand on everything…that’s the plan for today.

When I picked this back up, I started in on the fill in around my “L”. One of my friends at guild had mentioned filling these areas in with tent stitch over one (I believe she did this on her VOHRH too). So, I thought I’d give it a try and I love it. It really makes the “L” stand out. Thanks, Laurie!! I finished that fill in this weekend and then stitched my seagulls. The sun in the corner is all I lack for this block to be finito.

You can see where I left off on it in August. And as I mentioned, my block 2 test will be coming back out and started over with one strand. I am using the NPI silks on this. And I’m really happy this piece has come back out to play.

Shores 080309

Other than Shores, I also worked a little bit on Camille. I stitched that vase of flowers on Friday night and started on the vine below.

Camille 011710

No ATS this past weekend. I just got on a roll with Shores and really wasn’t in the mood to rip out my mistake on ATS. I hope to get back to it this coming weekend. Maybe I’ll finish Block 1 of Shores first though. Or maybe I’ll start something new, who knows?!

I’ve also taken a little break from Mele Kalikimaka to work on my Secret Stitcher gift. I won’t be able to show it to you until later in the year when we do our reveal of who’s who. I can already tell though…I think I’m gonna want to keep this piece I’m stitching. But, speaking of Mele K., you know how I talked previously about loving over one stitching but not in huge doses? And that that’s the reason Dorothy’s Garden and my CHS A&E aren’t done? I was at my LNS on Saturday and came across the designer’s model for Peace (this is by A Stitcher’s Hands, who also designed Dorothy’s Garden).

Peace by A Stitcher's Hands

I think you can get an idea of how large this is from the photo (and why they have this hung at the way back of the shop rather than prominently displayed right out front is beyond me). The stitch count is 578 x 941. And THIS IS ALL OVER ONE. Trust me when I tell you, this is stunning. In fact, there are really no words. The model for Dorothy’s Garden was what sold me on that piece to begin with too. I’ve only seen a couple of people who’ve begun this one. Won’t that be gorgeous on the Sienna Night fabric? Oh I would kill for a big piece of Sienna Night. I’d probably finish Dorothy before I even think about the thirty pages of this chart. But, I just had to show you.

So, that’s it for me today. I am enjoying my stitching since having given myself permission to just go with the flow on it. No pressure! I also finally cut up my big piece of Meadow Rue this weekend – that was rather freeing too. I’ve got a little piece I’m stitching on, a bigger piece to use for Where My Heart Blooms now that my silks have come in, and I think I’ll be using another portion of it to stitch an A&E. I am so glad that my original Halloween RR is becoming new beautiful things!

Book club on Friday night. I’ve got about a chapter and a half to go on the book and I’ll give you a review once I’m done. Don’t get too excited, it’s not anything to rush back for.

I am grateful for exciting things on the horizon!

28 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun”

  1. Hello! What a nice post, I really love your Shores, it looks beautiful. I have one block to go and I’ll be done with it, it’s all I worked on last year 🙂 I am excited to move onto a new project.

    I can’t believe the size of the framed piece! It’s enormous and doing it all over one makes my brain hurt thinking about it. I can’t stitch over one well… 🙂

  2. Your stitching looks lovely! I have had the same two threads vs. one issue lately. I decided to do a couple with two threads because I wanted a “chunkier” more primitive feel, but I don’t feel like the stitches are as defined. Maybe Jenny broke me too as I love how both of mine tured out!

    That framed piece is amazing and over one -wow! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anna van Schurman

    I’m so glad you’ve become a one over two convert! Yay, Jenny Bean. I think I love it because I am lazy; you strip out one strand and get to work. Yup. Lazy. But it really is fabu–esp on all those EE&F pieces.

  4. Shores is looking wonderful Michelle! I won’t be stitching this one myself, so I have to live vicariously through everyone’s WIP pics 😉

    That sampler is absolutely amazing – wow! I can’t imagine doing all that over one either, just amazing.

  5. I was hoping you were going to post a pic of shores…It looks great! Please let me know which shop as the Peace model, I would LOVE to go and see it. I think you should get a BIG piece of Sienna Night 🙂 you would love it. I have worked on this a bit more, I have all the colors stitched into the piece, of course, in the grand scheme of things, a VERY tiny bit.

  6. Michelle, you have been a busy stitcher. It’s good to see your HRH again – you’re making great progress! I felt the same way you did about stitching with 1 strand but now I just love it. I am stitching an oranment on 28 ct and using 2 strands and I really don’t like it (sigh). I also love the 36 & 40 ct and just want to ditch all my lesser count fabric. It’s funny how our tastes change with time.

    I just love Camille and really want to get that pattern soon. The colors are so soft and feminine.

    It just started raining here and I look forward to going home and curling up on the couch.

    Enjoy your afternoon.

  7. Your Shores is gorgeous 🙂 How funny we both worked on it together. It’ll be good to have more people stitching along 🙂

  8. Your stitching looks great Nicole and I like your idea of the tent stitch around the L. I have hesitated to work further on Ann Medd because most of the sky in one area is one over one tent stitch and the piece is so huge, but I do like the definition it gave to your letter L.

    That framed piece you showed is absolutely beautiful. I can’t imagine it being over one, but that’s probably what makes it so striking! Did you bite and buy the chart? I think that it would be absolutely stunning in real life!!

  9. Beautiful first block of Shores! What a great idea to do tent over one around the letter! Your Camille looks great too! As for that huge piece — somehow I’d never realized it was over one! OMG! It’s already so big, and to be over one too! It really is a beautiful piece though. And I love Dorothy’s Garden! Hope you get back to it sometime. No pressure though. 😀

  10. Shores and Camille are beautiful so far! I like the tent stitch around the L. It really does make it pop.

    The huge sampler is amazing! Wow, all over one? It really is pretty.

  11. Shores looks fantastic. Did I tell you I’m finally a convert to it? I fell in love with it once I saw the long (vs. the wide) version Carriage House has up on her site.

    Gah! I really did not need to see Peace.

    Off to edit wishlist…

  12. Shores and Camille are looking great so far! You’re right, doing the tent stitch really does make the letter pop!

    Wow, that Peace Sampler is amazing!

  13. Do-N-Do-Do

    I had to, sorry. I’m going to have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the night 🙂

    Beautiful progress Michelle! And the L really does stand out nicely like that.

  14. Your shores is gorgeous! I’m going to look up the tent stitch and see how it’s done. What about it makes the other stitching stand out?

    When I start the JB that you inspired me to purchase, I’m going to try one thread. Yours was just gorgeous!

  15. Shores is looking great!! I love the idea of using tent stitch around the letter – I will have to try it when I pull mine back out. I made a mistake on the border and off in the corner it went…
    I have seen Peace at Aidaworks…it is amazing. I was so tempted but have managed to talk some sense into myself for now.

  16. Shores is just looking wonderful and so is Camille. I have to say again how much I love your Jenny Bean. I have to get both of them now.

  17. What a fun post! Love your shores and I am so glad you have figured out the one thread vs. two thread dilemma :-).

    The framed piece is completely amazing. Maybe not one over one would it work for 40 count? I can’t think about it, I mean I just started ATS, which is huge and will take me forever, LOL.

  18. Great progress on Shores Michelle. I’m so glad you decided to get it back out. That sampler is amazing!! If I didn’t hate over one so much I would definitely consider it! 🙂

  19. Your Shores block is lovely! I will never stitch this piece but I love how it looks and love seeing progress pics on blogs! The tent stitch works really well for the L.

    As for Peace being all over one?!?! Oh my!! It’s beautiful. You’re right, it should be out at the front of the shop for everyone to see.

  20. Hi there.. love the projects you are working on. My daughter wants that ornament from the JCS magazine but I don’t know when I will work on that.

    Your Shores is really pretty too.

  21. You’ve done some very nice progress on both your WIPs. I think going with the flow is just the perfect way to enjoy stitching the most.
    Good that you are making good use of the fabric that was meant to be for the RR.

  22. Michelle, your Shores is really pretty. I like the way you highlighted the first letter; it really makes it stand out. YOu will most definitely be finished way before I ever do!

  23. Your Shores is absolutely beautiful! I am so spoiled stitching with one strand of fiber that I don’t know if I could ever go back to two.

    That sampler is a wonder! OVER ONE? I don’t think people lay awake at night trying to come up with designs to taunt stitchers and make them go blind? LOL!

  24. I’m glad you’re enjoying your stitching. That’s so important. At what thread count do you start feeling like one thread over two is better than two over two? I’ve never done it, so I have to admit that I don’t see the draw. Correction, I did it once and found that it gave the little piece a nice primitive feel (I don’t feel like it could have handled two threads, which I did try), but I’m just not sold on it for other pieces. I need more convincing. 😉

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