Here we go…and #62

First blog, first post. I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for a while, but two things finally motivated me: joining Karen V.’s Quaker Garden SAL and the 101 Things in 1001 Days project. While I don’t have any plans of publishing my entire list here, suffice it to say that #62 is “research starting a blog”. So, one thing down and 99 more to go. I intend to add updates to my progress on that list, as well as to post updates of my stitching and craft projects here. And, just to make this monumental post more interesting, here’s a look at my current WIPs…

Chatelaine’s Mystery 9

cross-stitch piece of a French vegetable garden

I am several months behind on this one. I got married in April, and haven’t managed to catch back up on this.

Workbasket’s Bay Sampler

Bay 20Sampler 20062306

I just started this one. As you can probably see, I started on the top sail, but quickly realized that my thread exactly matches my fabric. So, I’ve moved on to the bottom sail, which is a different color and I’ll have to go back and figure out what to do on the top one.

Bent Creek’s Walking in a Winter Snapperland

cross-stitch piece of a snowy winter scene

I started this one on January 2 of this year and have finished the first three charts. I need to stitch the last chart and then the border. I started this one as a (basically now defunct) SAL.

Thanks for reading and as part of #59 “express gratitude daily”…

I am grateful for all those wonderful stitching bloggers who have inspired me to do this!

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