I am awesome!

First of all, thank you all soooo much for all of your wonderful comments on Quaker Garden. I really appreciate them all! I also appreciate each of you for taking the time to stop in a read my blog. I also want to thank all of you that commented on my Bay Sampler and advised that I live with it for a few days. I will do that, which is why I moved on to Mystery 9. I hope that a little distance will give me some clarity with regard to the sail. Here is a pic of what the Bay Sampler looks like when finished.


This is Bay Sampler by The Workbasket. It really is a beautiful colorful piece. So, I will live with my Wood Smoke sail and see how I like it later. I may even stitch some of the other parts and see how it all looks once it’s put together. So, as to the reason I am awesome… I finally have links in my sidebar, and a Weatherpixie to keep me company and a list of my current reading and current stitching projects. I am so excited! Thanks to Renee who pointed me in the direction of Blogrolling, but who also explained how to add the links in one at a time, should I want to. I just feel such a sense of accomplishment!

I am grateful for coffee with good friends!

9 thoughts on “I am awesome!”

  1. I’m sure your Bay Sampler will turn out wonderfully no matter what you decide to do.

    I believe the Lanarte animals from my RR are only available in Europe as small kits. You can probably find them on e-bay as well.

  2. Your Bay Sampler and Mystery look great! I love the colors in Bay Sampler. Hopefully that Wood Smoke with either grow on you or you will find the perfect replacement color.

  3. The Bay Sampler is just beautiful and I think you are doing a magnificent job on it! You will just have to see which color you really feel most comfortable with. I think we are all critical of our own work, which makes it so nice to have others give their opinions. I so appreciate your really nice compliment on my blog today! It meant so much to know that someone who also stitches thinks my work is good. I know your Bay Sampler will be perfect when you finish it. I enjoy watching your progress! Debby

  4. Michelle, your blog looks awesome. Isn’t blogrolling the coolest? I was so happy to learn about it too. Looking at Bay Sampler I was suprised to see how little room the ship takes up, there is a lot of design in that design. How big is it? It looks very cool and the colors are fantastic in it! Ann.

  5. I love the Bay Sampler design and found you through the blog of the lady who is also stitching it. I think your chosen colours look fine!

  6. Michelle-your Quaker Garden is beautiful. Makes me want to pull mine out and put in a few stitches tonight.

    Regarding Bay Sampler, this is in my to do pile, I think living with it for now is a good idea. I mean what if you waste all that time frogging it only to determine you liked it that way? I think it looks nice, I’m going to use something other than SNC when I finally get around to stitching this so I dread trying to convert those very difficult to match threads.

    Your stitching is just beautiful.

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