I couldn’t help myself…

I started something new. I simply could no longer resist starting Midi Mystery 2. So, I spent my day off today stitching on it exclusively. I feel a little guilty about not working on Mystery 9, but I am just not motivated to work on it. I don’t want to force myself to work on something I don’t feel motivated to do. I haven’t stitched enough to warrant a photo, but you will see it soon. I love this design so much. So, what motivated me? Midi 1 is back from the framers…I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful it looks – but until Eric can get a good photo of it, you’ll have to wait in suspense. And really…it deserves a post all its own. So, in lieu of those photos, here is a photo of my progress on Bay Sampler as of last night. I am just loving this piece. It is so colorful!


This is the bottom right corner. It will have some more buildings and trees and a lighthouse in it. Also, it was another good mail day (aside from Midi showing up). I bought the Dimples Designs Mini Jeweled Scarabs. The Silver Needle has these exclusively until October, I think. There is another set of two scarabs that I may have to add to my collection as well. I was introduced to Dimples Designs by Dani. I just couldn’t pass up these beautifully colored scarabs (as I have love of Egyptian things too…maybe it’s the influence of the Amelia Peabody book I am reading as well…)


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I promise to have Midi pics soon! Back to stitching!

I am grateful for sweet cards in the mail!

12 thoughts on “I couldn’t help myself…”

  1. Your bay sampler is looking great! I have contemplated that sampler once or twice-may contemplate a third after seeing yours!

    Those scarabs are gorgeous! They would be very pretty to do.

  2. Hi Michelle – I just spent a while today converting Bay Sampler to Vikki’s silks – I am thrilled with my selections! I hope to stitch it soon. It has been in my pile for years now!!

    Congrats on a new start – can’t wait to see it! I worked on M9 tonight.

  3. Are you reading Tomb of the Golden bird? Joel just bought me the Audio book to listen to as I stitch.

    Look forward to seeing Midi I in all it’s glory… the WIPs I’ve seen of Midi II are pretty stunning.

  4. Since it was your day off, I think you deserved to start something new. In fact, it doesn’t count, in my opinion. 😉 I can’t wait to see your framed Midi I!

  5. Looking forward to seeing both Midi pictures! I have Midi I still to finish – must try to do it before the end of the year!

  6. Beautiful work. I will be back often to visit. I hope you do not mind but I added your link to my new stitching blog.


  7. New starts are always fun! I started a small piece last night and it’s zipping along.

    Nice progress on Bay Sampler – love the seahorses!

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