Italian Sampler

Thanks everyone for your assurances that I am not, in fact, the slowest stitcher in the world. Sometimes it just feels that way, but I have to also remind myself, that I also choose to spend time doing other things than stitching (quel horreur!). So, I am now home and will see if I can make some more progress on Quaker Garden while we watch the rest of a show on pirates that was on the History channel. I also want to thank all the wonderful new people that have left comments – I greatly appreciate it. It is so inspiring to continue to stitch and write and get feedback from people on what you are doing. Thanks!

cross-stitch sampler with the regions of Italy with red and green thread on white fabric

I do think I need to stop reading other people’s blogs though, because I am easily enabled. I found my way over to Mia’s blog and saw her progress (above) on Tesori D’Italia. It is beautiful. I love Terre de France, and had heard it rumored that an Italian equivalent existed, but had never seen it. Now I have seen it and it is beautiful. My husband’s mother’s side of the family is Italian and we went to Rome for our honeymoon. Now, that I have seen this, I simply must stitch it. I love Mia’s idea of using the red and green instead of monochromatic. There is a link on the Tesori page where you can see some in-progress and some finished ones.

Off to stitch!

I am grateful for choice.

4 thoughts on “Italian Sampler”

  1. Michelle, I didn’t realize I was an “enabler” til I started Tesori. LOL Now when I click on her free page I see something is in the works for September. LOL It is really a quick stitch because of using one color and there is minimal fractional in it. I just encountered some last night when I did an anchor.

  2. I’m another one who discovered Tesori from Mia’s blog (I also have many Italian connections). You’re right about all the enabling from all the wonderful blogs out there… I’m sure I wouldn’t have a fraction of the stash I do if it wasn’t for blogs. :o)

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