It’s All Good…I Bought Shoes

Romeo 20092306

All I can say is thank you. I am so grateful for the wondrous comments I received from those I know, and also from those who’ve been reading but not commenting. I am also a fellow blog lurker, so I really appreciate those of you who are new commenters for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Eric and I had a long talk last night, and I was able to voice some of my stuff and he is always great at helping me see things more clearly and get to a point of seeing things from a different place. I love that about him. Although, when I want to wallow, it is damn frustrating. So, Beyoncé and I began a new day today, and I started the day with gratitude…first for Rosemary for being that first supportive comment that I read. Romeo is still doing just fine…he has leapt tall couches in a single bound, raced up and down the stairs, clawed on the carpet and stalked Othello. I’m still keeping my eyes on him, but hopefully he is fine. Glenna, thank you for pointing out that Crazy Aunt Purl went through this same thing with Roy not too long ago. Strangely, I actually read that post of hers yesterday afternoon, in the midst of my own trauma. (See, when I stumble upon a new person’s blog, I go back and read every post from the very beginning…I don’t want to miss anything – am I the only person who does this?!) So, I did feel slightly comforted that Roy was ok and that I was not the only person in the world who didn’t know about the lily thing. Oh, and I bought shoes. Compulsive, but so happy I have new shoes! For fall! And they may be kitschy-tacky too, but I’m gonna embrace my tacky. Speaking of my sheep…the fabric for my October blanket is horrible. It has pink splotches on one end of it, and there is a long light streak down the middle of it. I am all about hand-dyed fabric, but this is going a little far. I contacted Homespun Elegance, and they are sending me a replacement piece of fabric…how nice is that?!

Fabric 20092606

No, that is not a crease in the fabric you’re seeing, it’s a big streak. But, I will be happy to have replacement fabric so I can stitch my October blanket. OK, so enough rambling for tonight. I stitched some last night and tonight on my Just Nan RR. They’ve actually pushed the mail date back a week, so I have a week extra, but since I have another exchange to get out…I’m still shooting for getting it done this weekend. Anyway, thanks again y’all, I really appreciate it!

I am grateful for my girlfriends and their wise words, and my husband’s objectivity.

4 thoughts on “It’s All Good…I Bought Shoes”

  1. So glad things are better today and Romeo is well and bouncing (I love your cat’s names by the way 🙂

    That’s a splodge on the fabric? That’s not good! I can see the pink too 🙁 I so like your sheep I nearly bought one for myself – a bit pricey for NZ dollars though 🙂 I may need to find one over here instead. Surely that shouldn’t be a problem in the land of the sheep! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear things are better today, Michelle. 🙂 Shoes – new shoes! Exactly what the doctor ordered. 😀 When I was a working girl, shoes were my favorite splurge!

  3. Wow, that is a nasty streak in the fabric! I’m glad to hear HE is going to make it right. They always strike me as the sort of company that would go the extra mile. Glad to hear that is correct!

    New shoes – yeah!

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