I sat down and finished stitching July today, even though I didn’t have much time to stitch. I loved doing the french knot sunflower centers. I still have to do the finishing on this, but I will have to make a run by Michael’s or Joann’s for some felt. I now have three little pieces that need finishing, so I may try to get those all done one weekend soon. I spent the rest of my free time today reading. I finished reading “The Historian”. What an amazing book! It was so good. Next up on the reading list is “On Beauty” for my book club. I am a member of a book club called “Artful Readings” at a museum in the area. The books always have an art slant, even if they are not solely about art. It introduces me to books I would never have read otherwise and it allows us to discuss art in the current exhibition that may be relevant.

July 20062506

Thanks to Karen and Carol for checking out my blog and commenting! I appreciate it!

I am grateful for silence.

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  1. Congratulations on your blog and your finish! Your book club sounds really neat. I belong to the one at my library and it too has gotten me reading things I’d never read on my own.

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