Just Nan RR, Round 2

Here is Round 2 of the Just Nan Round Robin I am participating in. This is Kari’s piece. Sorry for the wonky angle I seemed to have taken the photo at. This is my part. I stitched the Lavender Fields from Barnabee’s Quest, a Herringbone stitch, a two-color Rice stitch, the rose band from Nan’s Garden, and a two-color Diamond Cross stitch. I really wanted to give my bands a garden feel to mix in with Kari’s top motif and with Angi’s flower band. I also wanted to incorporate the blues into my part to tie in the blue Kari used in her lettering and beads. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I hope Kari likes it!

RR 20Round 202 20120406

Here is the whole thing…

Karis 20RR 20120406

Unfortunately, you don’t get a good sense of the colors from the photos, but it is very pretty. This is due to be mailed out on the 15th, so I am pleased to be done with it with about ten days to spare. I will be back to working on the stocking tonight, and hope to make some good headway on it. Last night we watched Casablanca as part of our Academy Award list. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, and I did enjoy it. Those people drank more champagne than you could shake a stick at though. Made me long for a set of those beautiful champagne glasses, not the flutes, the other kind (is there a name for those?). Well, off to stitch some stars on the stocking. And yes, I will be adding the charms to the stocking. I’ve already got them in hand, so they’re ready to be put on when the time comes. Wish me speedy stitching!

I am grateful for fuzzy socks.

11 thoughts on “Just Nan RR, Round 2”

  1. Lovely stitching Michelle! I know those other champagne glasses have a name I just can’t think of it either! LOL Thanks for adding me to your blog! I’ve added you to mine as well! It’s warmed up slightly here…the low 50’s but back in the low 30’s at night….just wish my WP would put a coat on LOL.

  2. Beautiful work on the Just Nan RR, Michelle! And I just saw Casablanca for the first time a few months ago; I really liked it. 🙂

  3. I love the RR – the owner is a very lucky person.

    I’ve heard the other kind of champagne glass called a champagne saucer. I watched Casablanca again a couple of months ago – it’s a fantastic movie.

  4. That JN RR is a stunner – I just love these! I especially adore the lavender band in your section, very very pretty 🙂

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