Me in the City…well, Chicago

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Nicki, thanks so much for that link to the Natural History Museum, that place looks cool! I too have a thing for museums…of any kind. So, now as promised, I will continue with my “what I did on my fall vacation” editorial. Up above in that photo is the harbor. Our hotel was within walking distance of this, and I just love this photo where you can see the skyline. It was so nice to wander along here and see all the sailboats, and just feel the breeze. Our second day in Chicago, we went to the Shedd Aquarium, which was amazing. Their Beluga Whale just had a baby in July, and the baby was finally out of quarantine, so we got to see it. Funny, because when we were in Chicago for Thanksgiving, one of the dolphins had just given birth at the Brookfield Zoo. After the Shedd, we walked over to see Buckingham Fountain. A couple were taking their wedding photos just as we got there, which was kind of cool. In fact, I saw more wedding parties out and about taking photos than I have ever seen…it must be a thing in Chicago, or maybe just the beautiful weather? Anyway, here is the fountain.

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Just an amazing photo as well. I love the sound of big fountains like this. It has a sound all of its own, not quite like the ocean, not quite like a waterfall. And you could feel the cool spray of it, as the breeze took hold of the water. So relaxing.

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Then we went over to Millennium Park, which was a new experience for Eric. They built this after he left, so he’d never seen it. This is part of the area, it is this huge silvery metallic sculpture that reflects everything in it. From the side, it just looks like a huge egg but when you get around to the other side of it, you can see it has a bend in the middle. We took a pic of ourselves in its reflection. There was a Celtic Festival going on nearby, so we walked over to it and had some food, listened to some music, and watched some dancing. That evening, we went up to the Observation Deck of the Hancock Building…it was amazing. Seeing all the lights from the city and just being able to see so far from that height. Our last day there, we spent the morning at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which was nice. It was a good way to spend our time before we had to catch our flight. So that’s my trip to Chicago.

On the stitching front, I am working on gridding my fabric for the RR, and should have it finished this weekend. I want to get it finished so that I can move on to working on my Halloween Sweetbag. I’m still craving knitting too, and a friend of mine from work has mentioned she would be willing to teach me…so that might happen soon. I am so excited. I have been online scouting out nearby yarn shops, and I’ve found one that offers classes, so that is my backup plan. I’ve been reading Stitch ‘n Bitch, but it is hard for me to visualize it without even doing it. I guess I could sort of teach myself from it, but I don’t know what needles to get to start with or what kind of yarn to start with. Oh well, I will look out over the knitting horizon like Luke Skywalker on Tatooine (geek alert!). Have a great weekend!

I am grateful for getting back to working out.

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  1. I love the photos – they’re great. And that sculpture is amazing! It’s huge! 😮

    You should put London on your list of places to visit one day – it has so many museums and many of them are free. You’d love the British Museum – lots of history – and possibly the V&A 🙂

  2. Hi michelle…i`m glad to know romeo is ok…i should have left a better message than i did,but i panicked at the sight of the kitten with the lillies….i found out about it by reading a pet magazine while waiting our turn at the vets for shots…i wonder why vets don`t keep us better informed..i shudder to think of all the times i cut lilies from my garden and brought them in…i have an indoor cat,thankfully,or else i would uproot them..sorry if i scared you for nothing….i read your blog all the time..i hope to start blogging soon,i just have to get a dig. camera first…happy stitching…give kitty a hug from me…mj

  3. ps-you are not a horrible cat mom…i`ve seen neglect and cruelty to animals…you just didn`t know,so don`t beat yourself up…mj

  4. Lovely pictures of Chicago! I love seeing travel shots because I have an itchy traveling foot myself. When I learned to knit, I took a few lessons at a knitting shop (especially helpful for getting started and how to avoid and fix problems), but the most useful thing I think is to check out of the library (or buy) the Vogue Knitting book. Great illustrations. Knitting is one of those things where you really can teach yourself. Other books are good too! But buy nice yarn to start–most everyone starts with icky acrylic and it doesn’t work up as nicely as a good wool or wool blend. I highly recommend Debbie Bliss yarns (don’t start with cotton either, if you can help it). And if you’re not a scarf wearer, you may not really enjoy doing a scarf–my very first project was a sweater and it was so fun to have that sweater when I was done. Good luck!

  5. Great pictures! I love Chicago but only seem to get there in the winter time. Brrrr!

    Nicki is right, you need to get to London and see the museums. Awesome!

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