Mid-Year Review

Since I took the night off last night (actually, I had to work from home – so no blogging), I thought I would take Nicki‘s idea and post my 2006 stitching goals and see where I’m at.

2006 Stitching Goals
Dorothy’s Garden haven’t worked on in a while
Mermaid Treasure Box haven’t worked on in a while
Egypt Garden Not started
Mystery 9 caught up through part 3 (4 parts behind)
Midi 2 Not started
Winter Snapperland Finished Chalet, Ze Rink and Sleigh Ride – Villa and border to do
2000 Years Ago Finished Angels Sang – four more currently released to do
Wedding Sampler started
Harry’s Stocking Not started
A Most Noble Pursuit Not started
Mouline Rouge Not started
Bay Sampler started

So, basically I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on my goals. Guess I better get to it. Here’s what I’ve completed so far this year:

Cozyegg Designs 1290051 20060129

First Snow

Cozyegg Designs 6040009 20060604

Chalet, Ze Rink and Sleigh Ride


Angels Sang

Cozyegg Designs 6040014 20060604

In the Pink

Cozyegg Designs 20060426

 March Hare

Cozyegg Designs 20060618

Flower Girls

Also finished stitching but not finished – July, Quaker Hedgehog (no photo) and Flower of Courage

I also beaded a handbag for my wedding.

It doesn’t look like a whole lot. I guess with getting married and moving I have an excuse? I took Monday as a vacation day, and I have Tuesday off for Independence Day. I hope to get a lot of stitching done this weekend. Monday is set aside as “Quilting Day”, so hopefully I can make some progress there too. Have a great weekend!

I am grateful for my wonderful friends and the kindness of fellow bloggers.

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