Missing in Action

So, where have I been, you may have been wondering? Did I forget to come back from Chicago? Nope…had a fabulous time (more on that later), came back, then wham-o…sick. So, my life right now…

Cough Drops…check
Band-aids…check (yeah, I walked a lot in Chicago)

So, let me just say I am not having a good time right now. My Mother-in-Law is coming for dinner on Sunday, and my house is less than perfect. Ack! But, look, I have magazines!


Plenty of reading material to keep me busy while I am coughing up a lung. Needless to say, also, that there has been no stitching going on here either. At least, none that I can show you. My Crazy Cat Lady Exchange piece is finished and will be winging its way to somewhere this weekend. I have also been stitching on the Texas Cow for Gill, but frankly it just looks like a misshapen Texas flag at this point. And while I was out shopping for goodies for my exchanges, I picked up the thread I need for my next two sheep blankets (yikes, it is almost October – how did that happen???) And, as you can see, I bought yarn. Do I knit, no. Do I have any clue what I am going to do with this in my non-knitting-knowledgeable state, nope. Can I control myself when it comes to the possibility of making something, not on your life. But, I bought it anyway. I just had a moment of crafty craziness, possibly as a result of the fact that I am freaking out about my Round Robin piece that has to go out on the 2nd, and my Halloween exchange that has to go out on the 15th!!! I am in complete denial that those dates are looming.

Yarn 20 26 20Thread

But, maybe I can braid it together in a huge braid and pretend I have made myself a scarf. It’s pretty though, huh? Well, anyway…I am off to ask my husband to shoot me with a tranquilizer dart so that I (and he) can get some sleep. Hope you’re all ready for the weekend!! Book club tomorrow night.

I am grateful for being mothered when I am sick.

9 thoughts on “Missing in Action”

  1. Get well soon! [[[hugs]]]

    And I love the fact you’ve bought crafty stuff with no idea what you’ll do with it! It’ll come in useful one day I’m sure!

  2. I have a nasty yarn habit. I see something I like and boom! it’s in my closet. :o) It’s so soft and pretty tho!!!

    Get one of those danged round knitting loom things. They’re kinda fun for about an hour or so, and you can actually make things w/them. I have some from “Knifty Knitter”.

    What better way to waste a sick day than with kleenex, yarn and cross stitching?! Get better soon!

  3. Anna van Schurman

    I really thought you were going to be grateful for Nyquil. I sure am. I love having to stay home when I’m sick so I can drink the stuff all day. Drugged sleep…the best kind.

    Feel better soon!

  4. Awww… poor gal! *hug* Get well soon. 🙂 I’m glad that you have some good reading/browsing material to go through while you are sick. And I’m sure your hubby is taking good care of you.

  5. I’m sorry that you are feeling under the weather and hope you feel better soon!

    Gotta love that ornament magazine – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fingered through it since receiving it on Wednesday!

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