Naked Sheep

You may want to avert your eyes…

Naked 20Sheep

I know, it is a terrible fate for a sheep, to be blanket-less in December. I am steadily stitching away on the 8 million projects that need to be done right now, but no blanket yet. Also, since I have now added weights into my workout routine, I may be stitching slightly less until my arms get over being sore…ugh. But, as I mentioned to Jenna a few days ago, I am taking a week off of work before Christmas in order to have some rest and relaxation time. I should have all of my must-do stitching done before then, so I will be able to stitch on whatever I want. Heaven. And speaking of Jenna…lookie what I got in the mail…

Scissors 20120706

Jenna sent me these as part of the Great Scissors Giveaway. Aren’t they gorgeous?! They are a beautiful ruby red and almost look a little Celtic in their design. Thank you, Jenna!! I have been stitching along merrily on Eric’s stocking since I finished the RR. I have all the backstitching done and just have the top three bands to do (the top band being Eric’s name…thank goodness it is short!). We are going on Saturday to pick out fabric for both stockings, so I would like to have as much done on this as possible, so that we can pick colors.

Stocking 20120706

And don’t you just love my thumb in the photo? I just had to show off my cool Rockette red polish! I love the way this stocking is looking, too cute! And finally, I have to update you on my progress on the 101 Things list. I was just able to cross off another item, #47 (Get an MP3 player, put workout music and audiobooks on it). As you know, I got an iPod for my birthday in August and have had the workout music on it. I finally got two audiobooks on there – Harry Potter 5 and The DaVinci Code. So, that is one more crossed off the list. I think I am up to 8 or so completed, but I have about 20 that are in progress…so hopefully I will have more to cross off soon! We picked up our wedding album (FINALLY!) tonight, and it looks beautiful. I am very pleased with it. Tomorrow is eight months married, I can hardly believe it!

I am grateful for beautiful wedding photos.

11 thoughts on “Naked Sheep”

  1. Well the stocking is looking great! Your thumb and nail is beautiful, I bet the other four are just as great! And a week of downtime before the holidays sounds like a wonderful treat to me…I bet you’re looking forward to it!!

  2. Your poor sheep! 😉 I didn’t realise he was so fancy though – it looks as if he’s got a pattern on him?

    The stocking looks really good. And I love the scissors! What are they? Are they Ginghers or just very pretty red ones?

  3. You could pretend he’s an
    Australian/Kiwi sheep – it’s too hot down under at the moment to have a blanket on 😉 Your stocking is coming along beautifully, and the scissors are to die for – Jenna did a great job!!

  4. After seeing the sheep on your blog, I couldn’t help purchasing one, Michelle. But as I didn’t have time to stitch any blanket, mine is naked too lol!

    The stocking looks lovely 🙂

  5. Don’t feel bad about the wedding album Michelle…we’ve been married almost 14 months and have just picked the pictures for ours! Lots happened after the wedding…Congratulations on 8 months of marriage!

  6. That poor sheep! Good thing that sheep are covered with wool! Brrr.

    Jenna is a sweetie – she sent you a beautiful pair of scissors.

  7. I’m just sorry the scissors were so late after the giveaway! But you won the prettiest pair and I just couldn’t be satisfied until they cut as good as they looked. 🙂

  8. Naked Sheep running amuck!!!!! What shall we do?!!! Stitch of course! =)
    ps- The stocking is coming along great…maybe the sheep can wear it until he has a blankie? Just kidding of course!

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