Now, it’s October

October 20Sheep

So, the month is half over and I’ve just now been able to finish up my October Woolly Tyme blanket. Please pardon the shadows in all my photos today, I couldn’t manage better pics. I can’t believe it’s been four days since I posted too…where have I been? Let’s see, blogger was missing completely one morning when I was trying to post, then I had a migraine, then I got to spend a wonderful evening with my friend Pam from Reno! So, that’s where I’ve been. Homespun Elegance sent my replacement fabric for this month’s blanket really quickly, and I was able to stitch up my blanket in a few days. The charm on this one is a ghost. And aren’t those candy corns cute – they’re glass!


I received some goodies in the mail too, over the past couple of days. I received the new Limited Edition WhimZi from Just Nan. I think this is a pretty cute one. And speaking of Just Nan, the Round Robin I am stitching on for the first round also arrived, and now I am busy thinking what I will stitch on it. It is a band sampler done in Christmas colors. Should be fun…and a new experience! You know how I am with the new experiences lately!

Charms 20101306

I also received some charms I ordered from Silver Needle. The rosebud is for the Shepherd’s Bush ornament for this year in the JCS Ornament Issue. The beeskep and the crab are both for the Town Square Freebies. I am working out how I can stitch all of the Town Square together in one piece…I think it would be so cute like that. I only have to do the finishing on my Halloween Sweetbag exchange and it can go out on Monday. The mail date is the 15th, but since that is a Sunday, I figure Monday is fine. I am relieved and excited to have this go out. My Texas Cow (aka the Lonestar Longhorn) will be sent on Monday also. I have made a small start on Eric’s stocking, and hope to get some more of it done tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow may end up being a sewing day, since I have my sweetbag to make up and I need to sew last month’s quilt block (since tomorrow I pick up this month’s). So, I’ll post a progress photo when I have some more to show. Today was an absolutely lovely day, so I will tell you all about that next time. Anyway, thanks so much to all of the new people reading and commenting…I really appreciate it!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

I am grateful for being afraid, but doing it anyway.

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  1. Oh, I believe that is my favorite blanket so far! It’s too cute 🙂 Good job, Michelle 🙂 And the Candy corn is cute too!!

  2. Oh I just love your little sheep!! The little blanket for fall is so cute and you have done a wonderful job!! I have thought about getting one for me, but not sure where to put it where my little dog Brandi wouldn’t get into it! I may have to get me one after seeing yours though and maybe get DH to put up a shelf for me. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment to my blog!! Debby

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