On Beauty

On Beauty

Today I finished reading On Beauty by Zadie Smith for my book club this Friday. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it. Occasionally, the books for my book club are not books that I enjoy, but more often than not, they are excellent. On Friday, the next three selections should be revealed. I also finished reading a book for a discussion group that I have been taking part in, so I feel like I have been extremely productive today!

Number 2 on my 101 Things list is “list all books on bookshelf and read all that have not been read.” So, I currently have a list of 212 books on that bookshelf (the rest of my books are in storage). As of today, I have now read three books on that list. Not bad progress for a month. So, now comes the exciting part of picking my next book. Can’t wait!

Since I did not have class last night, I managed to get a little more of Quaker Garden stitched. I think I am making pretty good progress on this one! I am also so pleased that Becky has joined our SAL and her QG is looking fantastic!

20060726 P7260035

I apologize for this being a horrible photo – I swear it looks better in person!

I am grateful for cool, refreshing water.

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  1. Michelle, what class are you taking? I an taking classes online for my master’s and although I like it, I can’t wait to no longer have homework as part of my life. I have a list of all my books and if I have read them or not. I also keep a journal of the date, title, author of each finished book. It is cool to look back to a few years ago and see what I read. Ann.

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