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I decided I need to add one last piece to my Night Owl repertoire. So, the Vera Bradley Tote winged its way here this week at a bargain price. Love it. This pattern is so me. And just to prove I’ve actually been stitching and needed such a bag…


I’m actually right-handed, but was stitching two-handed with my right hand beneath the fabric. Or technically, right hand was taking the photo. But I’ve made some good progress on The Simple Things. And thanks, Sylvia, for pointing out that there is all that chain stitching. So, I revise my statement that this is a relatively quick stitch…since I forgot about all the chain stitches. And it looks like the new Loose Feathers in due out soon as well. So I’m only a couple behind. But, I did pre-order the Halloween Stocking Book. Can’t wait for that!

Simple Things 080109

And last night I decided to pick Mystery 9 back up and work on it for a bit. I managed to finish the bottom left corner (minus bling).

M9 080109 BL Corner

I just love this piece so much. But, these intricate designs can only take so much attention before I have to wander off to something else. I keep hearing Shores calling my name too. I need to get back to that piece as well and get over the hump of not liking it, so that I’ll want to stitch on it non-stop again. It’s too pretty to allow to languish.

M9 080109


But, the Chatelaine kick was fed by Missy and her beautiful Caribbean Mystery, which I also just signed up for. I couldn’t resist it any longer. And, it was an early birthday gift to myself.

So, there you have it. This afternoon Eric is taking me to the Circus. I am looking forward to seeing a great show and having a snowcone. Oh, and I’ve posted the first set of our Miami photos here, if you’d like to take a look.

I am grateful for a boxful of vampire books that just showed up at my doorstep. Thanks, Missy!!!

14 thoughts on “Owl Post”

  1. Great Progress on Mystery 9!!! I’m with you, I really like this pattern. I have to admit, I am an owl lover and collector. The bag was a great find! Lucky you! BTW, Earth Sampler looked like a fun stitch, congrats!

  2. Mystery 9 is just stunning. Love the VB…I’m hanging my head ‘cuz can you believe that I don’t own one? Not one. *sigh*…I want to preorder the Halloween stockings but I’d LOVE to see a pic of them. It’s driving me nuts.

  3. 9 is so beautiful, great work!

    Do you just love Night Owl or owl’s in general? Because if you search on Etsy there are some really great new lines of fabric that are using owls.

    Nice nail color, I’m mauve myself this week.

  4. Love them both! BTW, I’ve seen the BBD piece done without the chain stitch and it looks great! That’s what I’m planning to do — I hate chain stitch! lol!

  5. Your Mystery Project is just beautiful – you really do lovely work!

    I hope you and your son had a wonderful time at the circus. I remember going to the Barnum & Bailey Circus in Chicago as a kid. It was such a magical time.


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