Queen of the Needle

Hope you all like the new look of my blog. I fell in love with this template from Pannasmontata with Botticelli’s Birth of Venus on it. I still need to get my links in the sidebar (not real sure how to do that), but it is coming along. So, today in the mail I received another goodie. Silver Needle sent me the Queen of the Needle kit from the class that Nan (as in Just Nan) taught over the weekend. I wasn’t able to attend the actual class, but I ordered the goodies anyway. The class sold out, so I’m glad I got in quick. This is a trifold sampler case, and it is just the frilliest girliest thing I have ever seen – so I had to have it.

Queen of the Needle Just Nan

The verse on it says: In my little kingdom of stitches that cross I am queen of the needle and boss of the floss! How fun is that?! This came with the thread, the embellishments, the fabric, pattern and finishing instructions.

Queen 20of 20the 20Needle

Off to stitch for a few minutes and then up to bed.

I am grateful for being the creator of my own experiences.

9 thoughts on “Queen of the Needle”

  1. LOVE the new look! And the Just Nan kit looks pretty nice, as well. Can I see a close up? Do you know if they will be kitting any more to sell later?

  2. I love your new look, Michelle. Very classy and elegant looking. I also love the Just Nan kit you got. The saying is sooooo true.

  3. Stitch Wizard

    Hi Michelle:

    Thank you so much for your nice blog on my blog site! Oh I am so excited too as I just got my Queen of the Needle Just Nan kit this morning! I just love it! It is so pretty and I love all the pinks and like you said the “girlie” things. I wanted to go but it is so far away. Last I saw, they had 8 more left for those wondering! We can watch each other’s progress. I too live in Texas! Debby L.

  4. oohh, this looks very interesting, I’m a big fan of Just Nan 🙂 look forward to seeing your stitching progress on this one Michelle.

  5. The Silver Thistle

    I know that this is an old post 🙂
    But I was just searching google for anything and everything to do with the Just Nan Queen of the Needle sampler case and your blog came up, lol.

    Do you know of anywhere or anyone that does the kit of this….or even the chart?

    I need, want and NEED this needlecase. It’s just adorable and the prettiest thing!

    Just figured it never hurts to ask 😀

    Did post pics of your completed one, so I can drool over it, lol.

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