A Question of Mermaids

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The latest installment in my progress on Lemon Meringue Sampler. I really love this piece. Once I finish the three white flowers at the top, I will have the top half of the sampler finished, and will be moving on to the bottom half. The greens in this are really vibrant greens, not dark like you see here. Last night we watched the next Best Picture movie in our queue – The Lost Weekend. It is basically Leaving Las Vegas in black and white. I can’t say I loved it. It was not as bad as some of the movies we’ve seen, but also not nearly as good as some of those we’ve seen. I’m going to have to really get to it, if I want to finish watching all the Academy Award winners anytime in the near future, since I am only up to 1945 or so.

I am working hard at completing some things on my WIP list, as you may have noticed. I am, however, itching to start something new. So, to try to keep myself on track for now, I thought I would plan. I love planning, it is almost as good as list making. I may have mentioned previously that I love mermaids. For some reason though, I have only stitched one mermaid piece and that was my In the Pink pin (see my stitching album for photo). I am feeling the need this year to rectify this injustice. I must stitch a mermaid. So, I thought I would take suggestions since I am in my planning stage. Here’s a list of the mermaid charts I have…

Mermaid Treasure Box – Chatelaine (I actually have this one as a WIP)
Waiting for Neptune – HAED (Linda Ravenscroft)
Water ACEO QuickStitch – HAED (Sarah Butcher) (I have the fabric and floss ready to go)
Dark Waters – HAED (Selena Fenech)
Moon Mermaid – HAED (Selena Fenech)
Mermaids of the Deep Blue – Mirabilia
Mermaid of the Pearls – Mirabilia
Mermaid – Teresa Wentzler
Atlantis – White Willow Stitching (Selena Fenech)
Pacifica – White Willow Stitching (Monte Moore)

I have never stitched a Mirabilia nor have I stitched a HAED. So, let me know if any of these jump out to you as a must-stitch. I would love your suggestions! Also, if you know of other great mermaid charts to add to my collection – let me know!

I’m off to stitch a little on my lemons. As of yesterday I reached the plank bridge in my Walk to Rivendell.

I am grateful for great conversations over dinner with my husband.

19 thoughts on “A Question of Mermaids”

  1. I’m a big fan of Queen Mermaid by Mira (I stitched it in less than a month) And Gill at Chewed Away did an incredible Mira Mermaid (I forgot which one) that was just lovely!!

  2. That Lemon Meringue sampler is just gorgeous (looks delicious!!)

    I love all your mermie choices! I don’t know which I’d choose, MOTDB is a gorgeous piece and “seems” to stitch up quick… But if you want to wallow in a long drawn out mermaid stitch I’d love to see water ACEO stitched I love working on my HAED Winter Aceo (not that I have for some time (slap my hand). And of course I love Mermaid Treasure Box!

  3. I love to stitch mermaids too! 🙂 I think MOTDB is the best choice off your list because it is a gorgeous design and will stitch up more quickly than some of the others. 🙂

  4. Anna van Schurman

    Have you searched mermaids in Hoffman Distributors database? (www.hoffmandis.com) There’re lots of mermaid charts out there, as I learned when looking for something for my mother.

    And just a quibble, but Leaving Las Vegas would be Lost Weekend in color. Lost Weekend was revolutionary for 1945–think of how controversial LLV was 50 years later.

    Billy Wilder was an effing genious; I can’t have you talking this way about him! 😉

  5. After looking up your choices I would have to vote for Dark Waters (HAED). I’m a little biased though, since I’ve just started my first HAED I’d love to see someone else start one too.

  6. I love the Nostalgic Needle Mermaid and Examplars from the Heart Mermaid and the Sea! Good luck making your choice, I vote for one of the Mirabilia pieces :-).

  7. I like Mermaids of the Deep Blue (in my stash) and Dark Waters. I really like stitching Mirabilia designs…they have so much detail to them but there isn’t much confetti stitching. I haven’t stitched a HAED so I can’t say what they’re like.

  8. I remember a mermaid pendent which was interesting. It was by Of Female Worth. The mermaid on one side & shell on the other side. I don’t know if the pendent & chart were sold as a kit or separately.

  9. I love mermaids and have stitched many of Mirabilia’s ones. I would suggest Mermaids Of The Deep Blue as well.

    Your Lemon Sampler looks so fresh and lovely. I look forward to seeing more of this!!!

  10. I’ve never stitched any of the mermaids from Mirabilia, but I think they are absolutely gorgeous! Especially if they are stitched on that lovely mottled fabric with aquas and blues….I just can’t get enough of them. Although I’ve not stitched a Mermaid from Mirabilia, I am stitching a Snow Angels by them presently. Their charts are much like a L&L chart…lots of color changes…but the finish is stupendous!

  11. I love the Mirabilia mermaids! Not to confuse your decision but have you seen her Deepest Love mermaid! She is in my stash material and all!

    And I have to agree with Anna….I loved LLV but The Lost Weekend was phenomenal! I have to see it again..I’m off to the store..

  12. I love your lemon meringue sampler. I have been eyeing this one for a while now and couldn’t make up my mind if I’d like it or not. Seeing yours just proves to me that I really do like it – another for the wishlist then!!!

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