Quilting Day

I thoroughly enjoyed my quilting day. It took me some time to relearn paper piecing, but I eventually got into the groove. So, you can see my progress today on my Kimonos. I have five more to do before I can starting piecing the quilt top together. I just love the Asian prints and the bright colors!


I also made a small start on Quaker Garden for the SAL with Karen. I hope to stitch on it some more later, but for now…we are off to see fireworks!

I am grateful for a sewing machine that works and vacation days!

6 thoughts on “Quilting Day”

  1. Michelle, these little kimono’s are gorgeous – I have a little crush on Japanese culture. They will make a wonderful quilt. Love your part four on the Chatelaine too.

  2. Michelle, are you mmiller or another Michelle? I was updating the list for the QG SAL and I have a Michelle listed with a webshots album instead of a blog – is that you?

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