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Let me start off by saying, that I’m sorry that some of you are having trouble leaving comments. I haven’t switched over to the new blogger yet, so I don’t know if that is playing a part in it or not. I know it’s frustrating too, I often have trouble leaving comments on other people’s blogs. Keep trying though – I sure appreciate hearing from you!!!

And speaking of comments – Ann has left a couple asking me about the Brightneedle Ghosties and Ghoulies class that I signed up for at Elegant Stitch back in August/September. I have to be honest, that I haven’t gotten around to stitching my piece yet. But, it is such a cute one, that I definitely recommend signing up for it if they offer it again. The “class” is less like a class than a support group. You are given some instructions at the beginning, and then they are there for you in the yahoo group to ask questions of, etc. Hope that helps, Ann (unfortunately I couldn’t reply to you personally, since I don’t have an email address or blog for you).

Now…on to the stitching. I am really looking forward to the start of the Just Nan Barnabee’s Quest SAL beginning on Thursday, February 1st. I plan to stitch on this piece on Thursdays, but others are stitching when they can. Come join us if you’d like! As I may have mentioned before, I collect Harmony Kingdom boxes. They have a little series about a ladybug named Lord Byron. He journeys around looking for his lady love, and each box shows him in that pursuit. This box is called Hydrangea.


Inside, you can see Lord Byron hard at work in his flower shop.

Hydrangea 20Inside

I love this piece, and this series. When I saw the Barnabee’s Quest design, it reminded me of Lord Byron and his journey flower to flower. And just in the nick of time, I received my fabric for the SAL. Thank goodness! With the ice storm here, mail got delayed a little bit. I am all set to go, with my three charts, thread for the first chart and my fabric. Can’t wait!

BQ 20Stash 20013007

I also got my fabric for the first two Erica Michaels’ alphabet charts. I have all the Splendor silks for Acorn and still need the rest for Butterfly. These are freebie charts that can be downloaded here.

Erica 20Stash 20013007

I am making progress on reorganizing my spreadsheets with my charts. It has been fun filling in all the various fabrics and threads I have set aside for specific charts and getting a feel for what is ready to be started and what I’m still working on pieces for. It’s fun. Almost as fun as fondling thread. You wouldn’t believe how many pieces I have kitted up and ready to go. I’d love to be able to start all of them now! I had forgotten about a few, that have moved back up to the top of my want to start pile. Still no sign of my threads for my February blanket…this is getting ridiculous. Anybody know of a good source for Weeks and GAST threads that has a good selection on hand? Everywhere I order from seems to have to backorder it. So frustrating. I am missing two threads for my blanket – Teal Frost and Calico Kitty…someday they will arrive, I’m sure. I’ve got the threads for my March blanket in that order too, so hopefully I’ll be able to get that one done on time. Well, I’m off to class tonight, so probably no stitching. Hope you’re all having a good week! My boss is out sick with a stomach virus, so I’ve been doing my job and hers for two days…I’m a little tired.

Walk to Rivendell: Begin to sing. Walk through a deeply cloven track between tall trees. (Total miles walked: 16.5)

I am grateful for Becky’s successful surgery – here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. I am also grateful for Barbaro…he was a brave soul.

7 thoughts on “Ready for The Quest”

  1. Anna van Schurman

    I used to collect those boxes. When we moved cross country, I’m afraid they went up on ebay. I had the hydrangea.

  2. Michelle,
    Thanks for writing about the Brightneedle “class”. I’m looking forward to another one coming up if it ever does. I kind of hope that sometime in the future the chart might be published for sale. My stitching time is pretty limited so by the time I even get to it it could be years from now. Sorry about not providing an email address. I wasn’t sure how to exactly do that. And I don’t have a blog either. I just stumbled across yours and now I look at it once in awhile for the inspiration. Thanks again though. You’ve been very kind. 🙂

  3. Hi Michelle!
    first off thank you for your very nice comments lately on my blog 🙂
    They are much appreciated!

    Secondly…I LOVE hydrangeas, they and peonies are my favorite lovely little box and the story behind it is beautiful 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you and Carol stitching along on your BQ!

  4. I’ve never seen those Lord Byron boxes, what a very cute idea! I must go look them up 😀

    I love the Just Nan design you have kitted up, I am very tempted to do that one someday. I can’t wait to see your progress!

  5. CUTE hydrangea box! I’ve got Barnabee tucked away in my stash. I’m hoping to get to Lady Scarlett first.

    I picked up my latest round of floss for the sheepies at the LNS. The Emerald is especially pretty, although it is not a shade of green I’d usually go for. I was pleasantly surprised to see Calico Kitty on the list, isn’t this the first CC?

    Enjoy your reorganizing with Excel! I’m sticking with Word for now, mainly because I’m severely Excel challenged. So…how many project do you have kitted up? :o) I have 36 fully kitted and 13 in various stages of kittedness. Sometimes that feels like a lot; sometimes it doesn’t.

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