Santa’s Got a Brand New Beard

December 20Woolly 20Tyme 20122706

As promised, here is a photo of my finished December sheep blanket. Santa finally got his Wisper beard. I received my February and March charts in the mail yesterday, so I will have those to start on when I’m ready. I’d better start collecting my thread soon! I am about halfway finished with January’s blanket, so hopefully I will be able to put that on my sheep this weekend. I can’t decide how to decorate my mantel for January…I’m just at a loss. We are going to be taking our Christmas tree down this weekend and putting up the decorations. Our tree is looking a little crispy.

In the interest of starting to look back at 2006 and what I have finished this year, I thought I would add a link in my sidebar to my stitching album. You can see this year’s stitched pieces as well as previous years. So, take a look! My WIPs are not up to date, but the finishes should be.

My finishes so far this year have been:
1. Chalet – Bent Creek
2. First Snow – The Drawn Thread
3. Ze Rink – Bent Creek
4. March Hare – Just Nan
5. The Angels Sang – Shepherd’s Bush
6. In the Pink – Midsummer Night Designs
7. Flower Girls – Just Nan
8. July Woolly Tyme – Homespun Elegance
9. Quaker Hedgehog – The Workbasket
10. August Woolly Tyme – Homespun Elegance
11. Quaker Garden – Blackbird Designs
12. September Woolly Tyme – Homespun Elegance
13. Crazy Cat Lady Exchange Needlebook
14. Texas Cow
15. October Woolly Tyme – Homespun Elegance
16. Halloween Sweetbag Exchange (Chartlets: Cat) – Sisters and Best Friends
17. November Woolly Tyme – Homespun Elegance
18. Just Nan RR – Round 1 (Angi’s)
19. Just Nan RR – Round 2 (Kari’s)
20. Harry’s Stocking
21. The Villa – Bent Creek
22. 1st Day of Christmas – Teresa Wentzler
23. Walking in a Winter Snapperland – Bent Creek
24. December Woolly Tyme – Homespun Elegance

I definitely need one more to round it out. This is no where near the amount of finishes I hoped to have this year, and many of those I hoped to finish are not on this list. But, I think it is a good amount anyway. oh yeah, I also beaded my wedding purse. Last year, I only had 13 finishes, so at least I upped the ante a little bit. I would like to have some bigger pieces finished in 2007, including at least one HAED and one Chatelaine. Back to my January blanket now. Thank you all for your wonderful responses to all of my finishes of late, they really spur me on to finish more!

I am grateful for allergy medicine.

8 thoughts on “Santa’s Got a Brand New Beard”

  1. Santa looks wonderful with his wisper beard!! What a sweet finish.

    I made some ridiculous goals for 2006, I don’t think I acheived one even one of them!

  2. I think your list of finishes for 2006 is wonderful-I am no where near that. The quilt you received from your friend is to die for-absolutely gorgeous!

    Also, congrats on completeing winter snapperland!

  3. You’ve accomplished a lot this year and I’m sure next year you’ll get even more projects finished, Michelle!

    The wisper thread was definitely worth waiting for! 😀

    Happy New Year!

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