Sarah Ann Banton 1833

20211205 MG 8013

I am so pleased to finally be able to release my first reproduction sampler to everyone. This is Sarah Ann Banton 1833 and she is the first design in The Legacy Collection. I originally reproduced her as an exclusive release for the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild’s twentieth anniversary in 2020. As you can see, she is a beautiful sampler featuring a floral border, birds, fruit baskets, a large basket of flowers and Adam and Eve. There’s a little bit of everything in Sarah’s sampler.

IMG 2193

I charted Sarah in DMC, but there are also conversions to Au Ver A Soie 100/3, Soie d’Alger, and Gloriana silks. The model was stitched with Soie d’Alger on 40ct Weeks Putty.

056 900x1200 1

I recorded a video where I talk in depth about some of the various details found in the sampler, a look at both the antique and the model, and my thoughts on Sarah.

Here’s a closer look at the reproduction.

20211205 MG 8019
20211205 MG 8018

In the reproduction, there is over one stitching, over two, satin stitch, and some embroidery. I am also offering an adaptation where the satin stitching and embroidery sections are replaced with cross-stitch. That freehand embroidery looks harder than it is. It was my first time attempting anything like that and seriously, if I can do it, you can do it.

20211205 MG 8017
220 1200x1200 1

The adaptation is a smaller version of the reproduction. It removes everything from the carnation band and above, including the over one verse. As I mentioned above, I also replaced the satin stitching and the freehand embroidery with cross-stitch. In addition to offering the reproduction and the adaptation as individual charts, I’m also offering a bundle of both. So if you want to stitch the repro but don’t want to attempt the embroidery, you can get both charts in the bundle.

Sarah Adaptation

Sarah is now available for purchase as a PDF download on my Cozyegg Designs site. I hope you enjoy stitching her as much as I did!

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