Secret Garden

I got the new Loose Feathers by Blackbird Designs in the mail today. It is so pretty with that Turkey Red thread! As I have lately been slightly beset by Loose Feathers woes, this was a happy thing! I am still waiting on ONS #1 to send my Strawberry Garden, since they sent me Quaker Garden by mistake. I am a member of the Loose Feathers Club now, so I should be all set to go in the future. Please excuse the photo taken on the floor today, my craft table has been overtaken and there is not an empty square inch to take a photo on.

Secret 20Garden

Since Martina posted new parts and passwords for several groups yesterday, including Mystery 9, I figured I better get in gear and get to working on Part 4 (she just released part 7!! ack!) So, I stitched some on M9 this morning, but then was pulled away for this…

Les 20Mis

I apologize for the flash. We went to see Les Mis this afternoon, and it was wonderful. I have seen it once before, my best friend in high school and I went the day after graduation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So, no stitching this afternoon. But, I am off to stich away the rest of the night! Oh, and Martina released part 1 of Midi Mystery 2 today. I am so excited about this design. I stitched the first Midi Mystery – which was a Medieval Garden. The new one is Baroque, and Martina says that they will be different, but you will be able to tell they are from the same series. Below is my Midi 1. My favorite part was the VERY medieval arches and quatrefoil windows. Part 1 has those same basic arches, but is quite Baroque (as one would expect). I am off to European Cross-stitch to see how much the kit is…must have…must have!

Midi 20I

I am grateful for dates with my husband.

4 thoughts on “Secret Garden”

  1. Oh, I just adore Midi I!! I hope she eventually releases that chart for sale!

    I love the Loose Feathers designs too – somehow, the latest one just didn’t grab me, though… I hope you get your Moon Garden very shortly 🙂

  2. Ooh I’d love to see Les Mis again but its not hit town since I saw it when I was 16.

    Enjoy Midi 2 I’m on a Chatelaine break!

  3. WOW loads of people have been getting that loose feathers design just recently.

    Your Mystery is looking great.

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