September 20Woolly 20Tyme

I can hardly believe it is September. And it has actually almost felt a little fall-like with the weather we’ve been having this weekend. It has been raining today, but has been a little cooler overall. I had hoped to get a lot of stitching done over the three-day weekend, but I’ve hardly touched my stitching. I have been working on Mystery 9 though, so I expect to finish Part 5 (which was May’s part) soon. We’ve spent the weekend working around the house and getting some things done that have needed to be done. We picked up our framed photos from the photographer on Thursday, so we had to hang our wedding photos and my bridal portrait. We also had some photos from our trip to the Bahamas last year, and our trip to Rome this year blown up and we are framing them as well. On our errands today, we went by Joann’s since they were having a big sale.

Ginghers 20090406

I bought my first pair of really nice scissors – Ginghers. They were on sale for 40% off, plus I had a coupon for 10% off my total purchase…so they were a deal! I also bought some thread for my Crazy Cat Lady Exchange and also for the cow I am stitching for Gill. I loved the blue on these scissors and I am so happy to have a really nice pair now (The pattern on these is Alyssa). And as an end of summer hurrah – two charts arrived in my mailbox on Saturday.

Summer 20Snapperland

I already had Whale House (the first of the Summer Snapperland charts), and Saturday I received Bikeride and The Lighthouse. These are too cute. I think they’ve done a much better job with the Spring and Summer series than they did with Winter. I still have the last chart to stitch on Winter, but it was kind of a disappointment because the first and last charts are very similar. But, it’s been a fun weekend, although not filled with stitching. And, as you can see above, I did get my September blanket finished for my sheep. And although the leaves here in Texas are nowhere close to turning, it will be fall inside my house!

I am grateful for great sales!

12 thoughts on “September”

  1. Love the September blanket for your sheep! Autumn’s my favourite season by far 🙂

    And I agree with you about the Snapperlands. I wasn’t wild about Spring, but Summer is great so far and Winter started well but then fizzled a bit (I have them all to do). Maybe Autumn will be fantastic!

  2. Your sheepie looks really cute 🙂

    Love the Ginghers and the rest of your stash. I’ve decided to abandon my half-done Winter Snapperland, as I really don’t like the 2nd 2 charts as much as the first. Lesson learned – I won’t order a series in future without seeing them all first. Summer looks cute though – I’ll look forward to seeing you stitch these.

  3. that was a great deal on those scissors! I just won a pair of ebay same style. I am going to try and collect the 4 in designer series. Never can have to many scissors! The sheep pillow is adorable!

  4. Love your sheep blanket! Great picture, too, with the fall leaves. Nice touch! Congrats on the great scissor buy. They are pretty!

  5. Your little lamb is just so cute with the new blanket. I love this and have considered getting it as well, but need a nice place to display it so my little dogs don’t get into it. You have done a beautiful job! Debby

  6. Love the Ginghers and you will too! I have two pair of the special editions, but not Alyssa. Perhaps I need to add to my collection. 😀

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