A Snowy Weekend

WMHB 032010

I’m still stitching along on my BBD Where My Heart Blooms. I’m much happier with the silks than I originally was. I think the Sister Scarlet and I have come to terms. You can see I’ve filled in my windows and have completed the darker color of the house fill in. The rest of the house fill in is done in a lighter color. I’ll be glad when I can get to the green on this piece. I think it will give it a lot of life.

After getting to a good stopping point on WMHB on Friday, I decided to pick up ATS and work on that the rest of the weekend. ATS was good to me this time. On Saturday evening, Eric and I watched the Opening Ceremony from the Olympics (yes I know…) and I stitched on my cherubim. Cute, aren’t they? I love their little red drapes. I finished them up and then decided I should probably go back and outline my angel’s wings before I forgot about it. I got it about half done and decided I hated it. Eric assured me that it really needed the outline, so I went ahead and finished it. Once I stepped back from it, I could see what Eric meant. So, the outline stays…

ATS 032010

On Sunday, while recovering from the fact that it SNOWED on Saturday night (in March, in Texas), Eric and I sat down to watch the Closing Ceremony that evening. And ATS came out again. I figured I was having good luck with it, so I might as well carry on.

ATS 032110

I worked on the two stars above the angel. I was able to finish the left one, but still have the center pattern to fill in on the right one. There are gaps at the bottom of the stars where the pikes overlap them. I’m stitching this on 40ct Elegant Bean and I am just in love with this fabric. It’s really beautiful! One of these days, I should probably get back to working on my border. But, it’s too much fun to stitch on the motifs right now. I’m really looking forward to getting to stitch on this some more next weekend.

I am grateful for a relaxing weekend and domino tattoos.

23 thoughts on “A Snowy Weekend”

  1. Your progress on the WIPs look good Michelle. Bummer about the now… you really have been hit hard this year.

  2. Wow, more snow in Dallas?! So weird! WMHB is looking great…love the linen. Great progress on ATS too. Looking forward to seeing more motifs pop up.

  3. Great progress on your WIPs, Michelle! That’s crazy about the snow. My son & I were just talking about how much Spring has settled in here… hope it happens for you soon, too!

  4. Snow??? Wow, we have had a few sunny spring days here in Utah. The birds are singing and the plants are starting to peek out of the ground. Ahhhh, spring is coming alas. I love the two WIP’s, there are both beautiful. I am sending a little sunshine your way….hope it gets there soon! Smiles….

  5. hYeah, I heard about the snow… quite freaky!
    Your AST looks great – mine is going so much better as well. I was not really able to work on it too much yesterday, but got a bit more done today. If I get my Cherubs restitched and my angel finished, then we are about at the same spot. I did work on the border a bit and worked on the pike. Hey, what color is Bluestone – that is the only one I am missing.

  6. I love your two pieces! They’re both beautiful! I can’t believe you got snow!!! Ugh! How could that happen — and in March! Hope it’s all melted now.

  7. Michelle, your BBD piece is just beautiful. I love the colors. Oh, ATS is on my list to stitch, I look forward to watching yours come to fruition.

    I can’t believe you guys got more snow – I hope it doesn’t head our way, I am enjoying our Spring weather.

    It’s so good to catch up with you and I am sorry, I haven’t visited lately, life has been crazy.

    Enjoy your week.

  8. mainely stitching

    We had snowflakes on Sunday, but fortunately it didn’t stick.

    This BBD design is stunning in silk!!

  9. SimplyStitchingintheGarden

    Good job on your stitching and I love the fact that you watched the opening and closing ceremonies from the Olympics – that’s great

    Have a great week — Roberta

  10. I’m so happy to see more progress on your ATS!!! And I’m glad that you didn’t have problems this time! Your BBD piece is looking great too – that’s one of my favorites of theirs. And what the heck is up with that snow? My girlfriend lives in Oklahoma, and I think that the two of you got more snow than we get in two winters. Crazy weather! Hope that it warms up soon.

  11. I was really surprised to hear that it snowed in Dallas this weekend! We had beautiful amazing weather on Saturday and then a horrible day of rain on Sunday.

    ATS and WTHB both look fantastic. I’m glad ATS co-operated with you this time around.

  12. Deborah/LavenderRose

    Lots of beautiful stitching, Michelle! I’ve been struggling to finish ATS for about 5 years. It’s become one of those pieces that yells at me every time I walk past my stitching room door! What’s not to love about it, though? :]

  13. Love your BBD WtHB and ATS!

    Don’t feel too bad about the snow, we are expecting 6-12″ tonight into tomorrow.

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